3 BASEBALL PITCHING DRILLS to make your pitches better!  [THE HOCKEY PUCK DRILL] 😲😳

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In this video I share with you 3 baseball pitching drills that you can do with an ordinary hockey puck. All you’re going to do is start get a hockey puck if you don’t have one. I came pit on Amazon here https :// amzn.to/ 2OIbHJo it was only like $5. But if you already have one, that’ll work too. Just take your hockey puck and we are going to work on our tones. Specific the hockey puck sloping instructs are going to help us work on our tar spin. We can use the hockey puck instruct to work on our fastball, change up, and even curveball. Watch the video to learn how to use the hockey puck pitching drill to get better spin on your tones and start impressing out more smashes!

Check out my websites at:
BLOG – https :// www.yougoprobaseball.com
SHOP – https :// www.ugoprobaseball.com
PROGRAMS – https :// www.baseballtrainingprograms.com

Leave specific comments below and let me know what you’re doing to get better at pitching and if you’re going to use these hockey puck sloping teaches.

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