5 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Simple Brand Identity

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What is brand name?

First and foremost, a firebrand name is how your busines presents itself to customers.

Another way you can define brand identity is to think of it as all the components that help people differentiate your business from adversaries. Things like a color scheme, tint, symbol, tagline, font, or even your more popular, signature commodities are now able to help build a persist symbol identity.

Why does label name trouble?

As a regional business, you may be asking yourself, “Why does label identity matter to me? ”. Perhaps you’ve already reached your goal of grading in the regional compres. But once you’ve contacted that oh-so-coveted number one spot, what are you doing to start potential clients be participating in your business?

Without a clear brand identity you could leave searchers disorient, alienated, and simply not wanting to take action on your listing.

As I’ll explain later, with Google My Business spam on the rise, it’s more important than ever to stand out in neighbourhood SERPs.

Simple vs complex

When it comes to branding, you have a choice between pursuing a simple or complex firebrand name. In this blog I’ll be testifying you why candour wins and how you can begin to transition( or continue to champion) opennes in your branding and market efforts.

After all, when it comes to neighbourhood exploration, shunning complexity could help your brand excel in a saturated landscape that all too often includes misinforming or spammy content.

Let’s look at five specific reasons simpler brand identities are preferable in today’s spam-filled environment.


Source: Slate

1. Simple brand names abbreviate the chances of spelling or punctuation inaccuracies

There’s an abide vogue whereby brands purposely misspell their words or use incorrect punctuation or grammar. Company commanders do that for a variety of reasons, including wanting to differentiate a symbol from its competitors.

However, if part of your brand name makes it harder for customers to remember you, it’s easy to see how search outcomes could suffer.

Grasshopper, a virtual phone services corporation, initially had the identify GotVMail. It altered when company representatives recognise the new specify was easier for people to understand and spell. The busines rolled radio ads, and decision-makers likely was discovered that parties could mishear the letter “V” as E, C, G, or even P. Then, if beings tried to search for the company after hearing about it, they’d almost certainly be brought to an end in the wrong place.


It doesn’t get much clearer than this. Source: getblk.com

Indeed, your list is only one facet of a label name, but it’s something you need to get right early on — or be open to changing — if you demand your business to succeed in local search.

2. Simple brand identities pass marketers more time to focus on other projects

A knock-on effect of having a simple, easy-to-understand identity is that consumers are likely to see you as attending more about other aspects of your business, like customer service, for example. In turn, you yourself as a marketer, might just find yourself with extra duration on your hands to conduct other tasks.

If your label has a simple, clear name, clients are more likely to view you as having a focus elsewhere.

Focusing on excellent customer service could then likewise facilitated your business in achieving higher search engine ranks through review generation. It’s a well-known fact that Google My Business reviews influence SEO as well as consumer purchasing decisions.

The internet is an environment where people can give their feedback to the world in a matter of hours. Numerous characters are the most likely do that when they are either singularly delighted or singularly displeased with the services received. If you opt for a less complicated brand identity that prioritizes customer service, it could be easier to anticipate a ceaseless equip of those all-important positive reviews.

3. Simplicity aids firebrands stand out

We live in a complicated world, and beings get attacked with choices.

This reality can lead to a problem called decision paralysis, whereby a person has trouble selecting merely one option due to the plentiful number of selects available to them. Perhaps you’ve knowledge a same feeling when using a query like” eateries near me” to steer your choice of where to eat in an unfamiliar town- sometimes the sheer number of options means you give up on ogling all together.

Heath 1000

Source: Selfridges.com

If your label is too complex, it might get lost among the sound. Instead, beings could get overwhelmed as they attempt to search for options in your brand’s category and decide which one best clothings their needs.

A straightforward brand identity can help people make faster, more self-confident choices.

Quick-service restaurants have known that instruction after reevaluating their menus. The labels that shortened their menu alternatives saw 75% higher auctions advantages than those that lent more things to eat.

4. Embracing a simple brand identity allows you to meet your target audience’s needs

If your symbol aims to be everything to everyone in a regional sell, it’ll be virtually impossible to address the target audience’s needs because you’re not specific fairly. Most parties have heard of at least a few labels that build them say,” Sure, I’ve heard of them, but what do they render me ?”

You can create ideal and negative buyer personas to guide how to meet the needs of a target audience. After pinpointing the needs and requirements, the next step is to ensure you’re doing everything necessary to ensure patron promises align with whatever it is you give them.

If your symbol name is too complicated, you could be alienating potential purchasers. Then, you might waste valuable marketing sources on tries that bring few payoffs. Meanwhile, a simple brand identity can appeal to beings from all moves of life.

One neighbourhood pursuing metric that can help gauge customer satisfaction is your site’s bounce rate- percentages per of tourists that leave a site after only ending one sheet. If you notice a jump charge coming higher, that could be a sign that members of the target audience aren’t engaging with your brand sufficiently.

Perhaps that’s due to the website promoting too many concoctions or having poverty-stricken syndicate. Don’t forget that many of the visual aspects of a site are things people can evaluate speedily, and they tie into your symbol identity.

If you’re not offering a cohesive symbol know-how across all paths, that could lead to confusion, once again alienating potential customers.

5. Creating a simple label constitutes personalization easier

Research from Epsilon demo 80% of beings were most likely to choose fellowships that gave personalized events. Personalization had positive effects on the likelihood of purchasers becoming steadfast, too.

Building a simple brand helps you determine when and how you’ll add personalization for customers. The ways to apply personalization to your neighbourhood business are practically endless.

For example, you might send someone coupons for products they’ve searched for on your website in the past. Or, you could send them news about personalized affairs happening close to where they live.

Of course, your digital market efforts is also available personalized, too- ponder emails, GMB posts and offers, and social messaging.

If you sell physical goods, you can take the trend of personalization so far — see monogrammed commodities, embellished cakes, or custom-made clothes.

If your brand identity becomes too complicated, beings may perceive that the personalization they miss has no access, whereas having a simple brand identity allows you the flexibility to prioritize personalization for users.

A 2018 study that assessed corporate purity mentioned Netflix the world’s simplest firebrand. It’s not a local label, but it does capitalize on personalization. People get consider recommendations based on their streaming record, as well as personalized cover art and trailers based on a user’s previous involvement history.

Netflix Cover Art

Source: Netflix

In fact, if you look at some of the world’s most popular brands- Apple, Amazon, Google, and the like – you can see that they’re big champs of simple label identities. And now, when you envision a picture of an apple or you see that signature orange arrow, exclusively one label will come to mind.

Label simplification takes time, but it’s worth the effort

Simplifying an existing brand can take substantial season and endeavor but, oftentimes, it’s worth the hours you’ll put in. If marketers prioritize candour from the very beginning, they could save time and income previous momentum.

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