Ace the IELTS: IELTS General Module – How to Maximize Your Score (3rd edition)

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This excellent self-study book for intense IELTS planning in a few weeks is designed to help students achieve their best personal composition. All IELTS gratuities, proficiencies, strategies and admonition are focused on maximizing students’ score by increasing their task-solving rush and effectiveness, and impeding conventional mistakes.’ Ace the IELTS’ 3rd edition is loved by teaches as well as students.

Ace The IELTS - Essential Tips for IELTS General Training
Ace The IELTS- Essential Tips for IELTS General Training

What this book is about This template is here to teach you the IELTS test , not the English language. Why? Because even if English is your main language- forget about getting a good compose in IELTS, unless you are prepared for it. Two central questions will get in your channel: duration, jokes and logical captures. When it comes to IELTS, experience is your worst enemy. You it is necessary to do things fast. Of direction you would get all the answers right if you had the time. But the reality is that there are a lot questions to be answered, a lot of writing to be done, and a very little time to do it.

This guide coachs you HOW TO 😛 TAGEND

* Listen, hear the right answers and write them down FAST

* Scan through the verse and is working with all kinds of questions FAST

* Get your essay written FAST

* Build a pronunciation in your front on any topic FAST

* Know and avoid paying traps when you examine them

This book might not give you the perfect English, but it sure will help you to get in shape and ACE the IELTS!

Attitude tips

In my view( which was validated by IELTS scores of the person or persons I civilized) you don’t need more than 4 weeks of daily qualify. Set aside 3 hours that you devote to practice for IELTS- and it will get you the desired result. I be suggested that if you can read and understand this e-book, your English is good enough. Just stick to the guidelines of this notebook and they will help you get the best IELTS score you can with your current level of English. You can even give yourself a day off once a few weeks, and still be able to ACE the IELTS!

How to use this record

The nature this manual is built makes it possible for you to read main chapters( Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking tips) in any seek you like, there is no dependency between them. You don’t have to follow the dictate in which the book is written. If you don’t have much age, I suggest speaking this bible and doing merely the exercises that are included in it , no extra slog. This is not the ideal way, though. In suit you do have the time, I highly recommend that you read and pay attention to all the tips-off in this manual and then try to use them in practice on real IELTS tests. There are links to IELTS information in the end of every main chapter and a detailed study plan in the end of the book. In the end of the book there are Pocket tips-off- following summary of most important intimates for all the chapters- Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking. Read them each time before you start practicing- they will refresh your cache and focus you on what’s really important.

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Bonus 1 😛 TAGEND

Get 10 ended IELTS practise tests for download- $41 value

The tests include

10 listening, construe, writing and speaking newspapers

10 situateds of audio listening substances

full tapescripts of the audio with asks spotlit

rebuts for the reading and listening newspapers,

writing answers by IELTS examiners,

8 audio recordings and 2 videos of real IELTS students doing the Practice Speaking Tests

test essays evaluated and provided comments on by an IELTS examiner.

Bonus 2: Insider information- get the unfair advantage of draw lessons from an IELTS Examiner how to raise your orchestrate by at least One Whole Band.

Offering” Learn from the Examiner” line as a free bonus- $30 value

1.” How To Pass The IELTS Speaking test”- a 40 -page e-book

2.” How To Pass The IELTS Writing Test”- a 36 -page e-book

These e-books were to be established by a former IELTS examiner who has assessed thousands of candidates and who KNOWS what simple( more expensive !) mistakes ruining ratings of the majority of IELTS test takers.

You will discover the exact way to write and speak in the IELTS test to get the highest possible result. Guaranteed.

Bonus 3: An intense trend on maximizing your IELTS value by creating a positive portrait in your examiner’s thought, 64 pages of tips-off, procedures and examples.

Bonus 4: A full collecting of Writing samples, including amendments, the proposals and an reckon Band Score. The samples stray from Band 6 to Band 7.5 and include both Writing Task 1 and Task 2.

You can speak more reviews of Ace the IELTS( 3rd Edition) below.

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