Boris Johnson: Brexit opponents ‘collaborating’ with EU – BBC News

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Boris Johnson has accused MPs of a “terrible collaboration” with the European Union in an attempt to stop Brexit.

The prime minister indicated by the EU has now become less willing to compromise on a new deal with the UK because of the opposition to leaving in Parliament.

He said this increased the likelihood of the UK being “forced to leave with a no-deal” in October.

The EU says the agreement struck by Theresa May is the only deal possible.

Speaking during a Facebook event hosted at Downing Street, Mr Johnson said he wanted to leave with a spate but “we need our European friends to compromise”.

“There’s a horrible kind of collaboration as it were, going on between people who think they can block Brexit in Parliament and our European friends, ” he added.

“The more they think there’s a chance that Brexit can be blocked in Parliament, the more insistent they are in sticking to their position.”

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