Carnival of HR: December Edition

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Carnival of HR

This month, we have the great honor of hosting the Carnival of HR- raising you the best from the HR blogging community. When Robin Schooling, the moderator of the Carnival of HR, opened up the opportunity to host we couldn’t pass it up. Robin is a major player in the HR community, a true HR rebel, and the emcee of the DriveThruHR podcast. If you’re looking for enormous HR content, we highly recommend you follow the Carnival of HR series.

We’re provoked to share with you the December edition of the Carnival of HR. This month, there is no particular theme. As long as the content revolves around HR and can provide valuable insights for HR professionals, we’re happy to curate and share. Let’s celebrate the following articles together 😛 TAGEND Remember on fond memories

It wouldn’t feel right to publish this Carnival of HR December edition without mentioning the holidays. We’ve all had a lot of positive recognitions from our fellowship holiday defendants. Robin Schooling shares a few of her favorite company festivity caches from over the years. This is the perfect read if you’re looking to smile or have a little chuckle.

Hold digitalization in the HR world

Dr. Marcia F. Robinson, Founder of The HBCU Career Center and Workplace Evolutionist, shares two masterpieces with us this month. If you’re an HR professional and looking forward to a framework to help you lead through technological alterations, you don’t want to miss out on Marcia’s top tips on how to handle digitalization. Also, Marcia took the time to share some of her valuable revelations and success strategies on how to claim your lieu in management. This is especially important given this famous statistic: Subjects is applicable for a place when they meet only 60 percent of the qualifications, but wives apply only if they meet 100 percent of them.

Approach tough discussions

It’s not easy navigating difficult conferences at work. Anthony Paradiso, President and Founder of AllThingzAP, shares how learning to have adventurous and daring conferences is a journey , not a destination. He shares, “We must start and continue having difficult and intrepid discourses. Without discussing or communicating respectfully, the poisonous environment will simply thrive. I cannot express the critical importance of these hard discussions.”

Outsource HR

Do you work in the healthcare industry? Judith Lindenberger, President of The Lindenberger Group, shares an important read( by writer Alexey Etcheverry) for any organization that is struggling to determine if outsourcing HR is the right choice for their healthcare firm.

Improve a positive culture

When chairwomen take a prominent role in building a positive culture, it can have profound impact. Jeff Cates, CEO and President of Achievers, offers his top tips-off and shares six routes lead can build a positive culture. He shares, “The emergence of a workplace culture is inevitable. It will improve itself with or without our assistance. The only way, nonetheless, to create a workplace culture that accurately represents the company’s core values is for leadership to step up and take a prime role in house a positive culture.”

Explore your interest

If you’re looking for a great life spoke, check out the latest from Prasad Kurian. Prasad blogs on HR, personal effectiveness, and how to work through the complexities in life and work. In his recent article, he dives into the question, “What precisely does’ becoming a man’ mean ?

That’s a wrapping for the December edition of the Carnival of HR! It’s been a pleasure to host this month’s edition and I’d like to give a huge thanks to Robin Schooling for being the ringleader of the Carnival of HR. Please bookmark your favorite articles from our list and keep them in your back pocket for the new year. Thank you for reading and we hope you walk away with brand-new HR best rehearses, gratuities, and opinion to make work involvement to the next level.

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