DC UNIVERSE C2E2 panel unveils events and programing

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Earlier today, the DC Universe panel at C2E2 exposed a whole slew of upcoming content and events coming to members of DC’s digital subscription service. DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Jim Lee, was on hand to announce the exciting opportunities and entertainment members can expect from the due service in the near future.

DC Universe Members-Only Events

One benefit coming toward DC Universe customers this year will be exclusive, members-only events, including many taking place at comic gatherings. DC Universe representatives attending C2E2 are invited to a special members-only event that will take place at Fatpour Tap Works in Chicago on Saturday night, where they’ll have the chance to meet surprise clients and compose some exclusive swag.

The DC Universe C2E2 panel took place Saturday, February 29 th.

For those members who are not attending C2E 2, there is no need to despair! Emerald City Comic Con, Fan Expo Dallas, WonderCon( where an exclusive rod program will debut ), and San Diego Comic-Con will all have exclusive DC Universe representative episodes, with more still to be announced.

Upcoming DC Universe Originals

Scott Snyder is likely to be serving as a consultant for Escape from Arkham, one of the finalists from the DCYou Unscripted competition. The pilot will peculiarity six units role-playing as henchpersons attempting to escape Arkham Asylum.

Meanwhile, it was announced that DC’s Cosplay Clash pilot will be a tie-in to the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, and a inspect to Portland, Oregon’s Books With Pictures to be incorporated into Cross Country Comic Shop.

Harley Quinn Season 2 coming April 3rd.

The programming will join content like the tabletop roleplaying game-based DC Universe All Star Games and a second season of the animated line Harley Quinn, which returns with brand-new bouts beginning April 3rd.

“Meta Madness: Tournament of Terror”

The panel also encompasses detailed information about DC Universe’s second iteration of “Meta Madness, ” the competition that tells readers prophesy which courage will prevail in a series of bracketed match-ups. While the first iteration focused on the heroes, this year switches the scoundrels into the spotlight. Best of all, the fan with the most accurate prognosis for the event “re going to win” the opportunity to attend the world premiere of Wonder Woman 1984.

Couch Mode, Dr. Harley Quinn, and more

Additional notices at the DC Universe C2E2 board included “Couch Mode, ” which grants viewers to embark on a whole new reading experience with DC’s classic comics, and a subscriber-exclusive web column called “Ask Dr. Harley Quinn.” Check out all the details revealed in the panel in the press release included below!

CHICAGO, IL- February 29, 2020- Highlighted by surprise guests, bursting information and a peep at the forthcoming season of Harley Quinn, today’s DC UNIVERSEpanel at C2E2 too summarized a robust planned of real-world events and eliciting remunerations to celebrate and engage with members of the digital subscription assistance, including an opportunity for a member to win a expedition to the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984!

Be Where The Members Are DC UNIVERSE continues to surprise and thrill customers by offering a steady schedule of special, members-only events as an integral part of the fan-first subscription service to connect directly with its community. With a aim to go instantly to where the fans are, exclusive members-only events will include Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con, Fan Expo Dallas, WonderCon in Anaheim, San Diego Comic-Con, and many more!

Starting at WonderCon in April, DC UNIVERSE will debut a member-exclusive, limited-edition pin program. Tipped off during today’s panel, the collectible bolt platform will be an exciting component at upcoming conventions and exclusive DC UNIVERSE affairs moving forward.

“We are incredibly proud of the strong community we have improved at DC UNIVERSE, and it continues to be a priority for us to give back to our members, ” says DC Universe Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sam Ades. “We want to go where the followers are, and will continue to create multiple ways to deliver a payment fan experience both online and in the real world.”

Tonight at C2E2, DC UNIVERSE will reputation Windy City DC love with a members-only event at Chicago’s Fatpour Tap Works. This can’t-miss celebration will allow members to take paints with startle DC clients, receive exclusive, collectible parts and mingle with fellow DC love off the C2E2 show floor. No stamps, tickets or reservations required!

Breaking News About DC UNIVERSE Originals DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Publisher, Artist and DCYou Unscripted referee Jim Lee announced during the panel that bestselling writer Scott Snyder will serve as a consultant on the upcoming DCYou Unscripted pilot Escape From Arkham. One of the top three finalists of DCYou Unscripted, developed in conjunction with Ideas United, Escape From Arkham follows six crews as they role-play as hench persons to Gotham’s most notorious Charlatans to escape the dreaded Arkham Asylum. The Eisner Award-winning writer best known for his multi-year run on BATMAN, and the more recent DARK KNIGHTS: METAL series, will lend his expertise to the intricate baffles, traps and morass that will challenge the players. In addition, Lee announced that the DC’s Cosplay Clash pilot will be bind to the upcoming feature film Wonder Woman 1984, while Cross Country Comic Shop will include a stay to Books With Pictures in Portland, OR.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. greeted followers through an exclusive video letter to celebrate DC UNIVERSE’s first original unscripted gaming mini-series, DC UNIVERSE All Star Games. Serving as Director Producer, the new collection streaks, which precisely premiere yesterday, boasts a maudlin role-playing adventure, The Breakfast League in which prominent DC devotees including Prinze, Jr. together with Sam Witwer( Smallville ), Vanessa Marshall( Harley Quinn ), Clare Grant( Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and WWE superstar Xavier Woods, toy DC HEROES, the famous post-crisis role-playing game.

Returning with new incidents on April 3, body attendees were also given a sneak peek at Season 2 of Harley Quinn, DC UNIVERSE’s critically-acclaimed inspired original sequence. Featuring the tone abilities of Kaley Cuoco( The Big Bang Theory) as Harley, alongside Lake Bell( Bless This Mess ), Alan Tudyk( Doom Patrol ), Tony Hale( Veep ), Ron Funches( Powerless ), JB Smoove( Spiderman: Far From Home ), Jason Alexander( Seinfeld ), Diedrich Bader( Veep ), Chris Meloni( Happy !), Jim Rash( Community ), Wanda Sykes( Black-ish) and so many more, all 13 episodes of the animated sequence are available to stream only on DC UNIVERSE now.

“Meta Madhouse: Tournament of Terror” Begins Today observes the launch of the second iteration of the popular DC UNIVERSE supporter competition, Meta Madhouse. While last year focused on heroes, the stakes are higher this year as 64 of DC’s most popular villains will go head-to-head in “Meta Madhouse: Tournament of Terror.” Leading the four units are the Joker Maniacs, Darkseid Invaders, Lex Luthor Masterminds and The Cheetah Beasts.

Adding to the suspense, this year’s competition includes a brand-new feature in which top DC names such as Brian Michael Bendis( SUPERMAN ), Phil Jimenez( WONDER WOMAN ), Echo Kellum( CW’s Arrow) and more will privately award four villains the “Lazarus Pit Save.” This feature allows the four criminals to change the findings of the any single match-up they lose in the first four rounds of challenger. Followers can defer their own prophecies for each match up before the voting begins Friday March 6th at 10 AM PST at dcuniverse.com/ story. Each compensate prognosi will give stations, and the fan that prevails at the end will win a trip-up to the Wonder Woman 1984 debut! For more information visit DCUniverse.com/ MMContest.

Attendees of today’s panel and tonight’s member meet-up will be the first to collect Meta Madhouse Team Flags, each representing this year’s coaches.

Jim Lee Demonstrates Couch Mode Offering comic book fans a rightfully special way to experience their favorite sequence, DC UNIVERSE’s Couch Mode employs DC Comics on the television screen as a means to uniquely enhance the digital comics speaking event. Panel attendees received a special give when iconic comic book master Jim Lee revealed Couch Mode by re-visiting one of the most acclaimed comic book of his storied vocation, BATMAN: HUSH. Walking supporters through key pages of the influential sequence, Lee showcased how Couch Mode captivates his celebrated instances in a whole new light, enabling viewers to garner a more desirable learn experience.

Harley Quinn Unleashes on DC UNIVERSE In addition to a late catalogue of DC movies, Tv and comic books, DC UNIVERSE also includes a standalone editorial crew offering the best DC news and editorial features. Beginning next week, for the first time ever, the due service will debut the exclusive advice editorial “Ask Dr. Harley Quinn.” Written by the best-selling comic book squad Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, this exclusive weekly line will boast Harleen Quinzel giving her unique perspective to disturbs that plague the readers of DC UNIVERSE.”

ABOUT DC UNIVERSE DC UNIVERSE is a first-of-its manner digital due services which are fans can assemble today to stream highly-acclaimed original sequence, watch enlivened and live act films and streaks, and speak more than 23,000 digital comic book that encompas 80 years of iconic narratives. It is a membership like no other, designed for DC followers, an experience in video, comics and society that requires a shared region to gather around all things DC. With exclusive member compensations and merchandise, an exclusive daily DC news show and a thriving community fans can watch, read, store, connect and explore like never before for only $ 7.99 per month or $74.99 annually( plus levies, where relevant ). DC UNIVERSE is available in the U.S. on iOS, Amazon Fire, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, the Roku platform, Xbox One as well as the web and mobile entanglement. To learn more and acquire today, tour dcuniverse.com and follow DC UNIVERSE on social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. DC UNIVERSE is not intended for children.

ABOUT DC DC is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics and graphic tales in the world and residence to some of “the worlds largest” iconic and conspicuous reputations ever appointed. As a creative part of WarnerMedia, DC is charged with strategically integrating its narrations and reputations across cinema, television, consumer products, dwelling leisure, interactive plays and the DC Universe subscription streaming service. For more information visit dccomics.com.

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