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Robert F
February 14, 2020

Desk space

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A quick look at some of the paraphernalium I use and recommend.


I’ve ran from home since 2005. The home’s changed six or seven periods — one reasons for a minimal approaching is helpful — but there’s some standard gear that persists around, and I surely find it easier to focus when the desk isn’t cluttered.

BenQ PD3200u
Bose Soundlink Mini
Hitachi external hard drive

BenQ PD3200u

For years I exercised a 27 ” iMac as my prime screen, but the glare off the glass wasn’t great, and I’d ever is on the rise/ weakening the screen brightness depending on how sunny it was. The matt flaunt of BenQ’s 32 ” 4K monitor gets rid of that question. It’s a lot easier on the eyes( not quite looks-wise, but absolutely with attention tighten ), and commits more screen opening to work with, more. The only let-down is the internal orators. I don’t use them because phone quality’s bad in comparison to both my age-old iMac and the brand-new MacBook Pro. I still wish working on it, though.

Buy from Amazon.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker

Rather than listen through the MacBook speakers that sit to one side of the BenQ, I provided a Bluetooth speaker on the monitor cornerstone. The sound’s amazing for the width( although the SoundLink Mini is being replaced by the SoundLink Revolve which is much taller ).

Buy from Amazon( if available ).

Hitachi external hard drive

I’ve never had a hard drive fail, or needed computer reparations, but I’ll regularly backup folders as these things patently happen. There’ll be better backup gear available, and this Hitachi SimpleDRIVE isn’t actually on sale anymore, so I might pick up a Time Capsule for wireless auto-backups. I realise Apple sell refurbished ones at almost half price.

MacBook Pro 2017
MacBook Pro cables
USB adapters

MacBook Pro

My old iMac went slower and a bit noisier, and I wasn’t sure whether to buy the newest version, or be changed to a MacBook and external monitor. A couple of things swayed me — a disapproval of the iMac’s glass screen, and the option to take my work elsewhere on the laptop. The MacBook is impressively fast and very quiet. I prevent my iMac as a backup.

Buy from Amazon.

USB-C to DisplayPort cable

This connects the MacBook to the BenQ without the need for an adapter. I chiefly use three of the four accessible USB ports — for dominance, for my desk mic, for the monitor connection.

Buy from Amazon.

USB-C to USB-A adapters

As soon as I get a mini-USB to micro-USB cable I’ll do away with the adapters. I use them for my external hard drive, mic, and committing photos from my Nikon.

Buy from Amazon.

Griffin Elevator stand
Blue Yeti microphone
Bose headphones

Griffin Elevator stand

It situates the laptop at nicer height whenever its open( if I demand more screen opening ). It probably keeps the laptop a bit cooler, too. I know others who prefer a horizontal docking station to save desk space, but I like the option of using the screen.

Buy from Amazon.

Blue Yeti microphone

A lot of my consumer calls are through Skype( sometimes Hangouts or FaceTime ), and while the mic on the MacBook is decent, it’s not as good as this. There’s still a little of echo to my articulation because of the flat surfaces around the room, but I’ve succession an isolation shield that comes good the examinations and hopefully helps.

Buy from Amazon.

Bose TP-1A headphones

Using headphones on Skype announces signifies beings don’t hear themselves through my speaker. I tend to use these around-the-ear ones for ease and sound aspect, but if I’m on a video label I usually plug in some in-ear headphones as it examines a little better. My pair are nearly 10 years old, and the hearing pads cracked and flaked, but these replacement pads procreated them like new.

Buy from Amazon( recent equivalent ).

Magic Trackpad 2
Magic keyboard
Magic Mouse 1

Magic Trackpad 2

I’ll use my left to right to pinch and swipe the Trackpad a few times through the day, to open apps or when bouncing through web pages. I tried it for about a week as a mouse alternative, believing it might help with work, but a week was enough as I encountered it a little restrictive. Maybe I’m only that used to the mouse.

Buy from Amazon.

Magic Keyboard

I applied a cabled keyboard with my old-time iMac because the previous wireless version needed three AA batteries and too much charging. The battery life on this one is much better — always on, mine lasts at least a couple of months — and can be charged during squander with a Lightning cable. The keys are noisier than the old-fashioned keyboard which is a shame, but it’s still good, with a reliable Bluetooth connection, and I’d ever go with the numeric keypad.

Buy from Amazon.

Magic Mouse 1

Mine’s from 2010 and needs two AA batteries. The Magic Mouse 2 freights with a Lightning cable, but inconveniently has it’s charging port on the underside rather than the breast, preparing it unusable when plugged in. Hardly ideal. I have a few rechargeable AA artilleries so I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Buy from Amazon( Magic Mouse 2 ).

Fellowes wrist support
Fellowes keyboard wrist support
Fellowes mouse mat

Fellowes wrist supports and mouse matting

All about the convenience, and these gelatin wrist carries do the trick. The Magic Mouse doesn’t work on glass, so the mouse mat was necessary without the consolation factor. I’ve read scrutinizes about the gel revealing after a few weeks, but no problems here after a couple of years.

Buy from Amazon( wrist support, keyboard wrist rest, mouse mat ).

Steelcase Gesture
Pilot V5 pen

Steelcase Gesture undertaking chair

Definitely not the cheapest, but it’s worth spending more on something that gets so much use. Easily the most comfortable work chair I’ve had — good back substantiate, neat fabric, and with adjustable arms, height, recline, and accommodate depth. The frame of the first Gesture I was transported was scuffed, with dirt on the fabric, seeing me wonder if it was second hand, but I got it replaced within a couple of weeks.

Buy from Amazon.

Pilot V5 pens, 0.5 mm gratuity

The 12 -pack I picked up a few years ago is still going strong. They’re pretty much the only pens I use, for sketching or writing. Constant line width. No blobs.

Buy from Amazon.


Last but not least, there’s ever a sketchbook on the desk. I’ve not protrude to the same type like Michael Bierut, but I like that feeling. My current one’s a Tim Tu creation, his SketchyNotebook. It got backing of more than $60 k on Kickstarter, but doesn’t yet seem on general auction. A huge Moleskine is the same size so I’ll probably go with it next.

Buy from Amazon( Moleskine ).

I hope that’s been of some help.

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