Do not get a Help Desk Position in 2020 | Why CompTIA Certifications.

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The best opinion that I can give you when you start your IT career in 2020 is for you NOT to get an entering statu point , not even a Help Desk position, even when countless people opinion you to do so.

And yes, there is new ways how to start your IT career without starting with an record grade place, many of my students have done it.

Now, you are probably thinking about ordeal, how can someone hire you without know-how, I get it, that’s accurately the acces I felt many years back when I started my IT career, and to tell you the truth, I end up doing everything that the IT community advise me to do, I got a few CompTIA certifications, a improve desk arrangement, although it made me almost one year to accomplish of all that, and I was grateful with my first facilitate desk job, but I didn’t know any better back then, this is why I’m giving you the is considered that I will tell myself way back when I needed.

Getting a Help Desk in 2020 or any other entry level position will maintain you back to accelerate the process to get a high paying job, your dream job in IT.

I’m going to ask you to make the time to go through the video and open your mind for new possibilities and ways to get the results that you been looking for in your IT career.


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Jorge Navarro is a high school throw in who has learned through numerous successful instructors, training and real-world knows that have helped him get guaranteed and get a high paying job in I.T. Jorge has helped countless parties depart from a low-grade give job to a high paying job in only 4-6 months!

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