Experience the Joie de Vivre Effect of Fermob

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The following affix is introduce into you by Fermob. Our partners are hand picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

Experience the Joie de Vivre Effect of Fermob

Three messages, one word- lie at the core of French outdoor furniture brand Fermob.’ Joie de vivre’, or’ the pleasure of living’, isn’t simply a catchphrase. It’s a way of life for the person or persons of France and exactly what Bernard Reybier wanted to get across when he purchased the company more than 30 years ago. It was his expressed desire to create a brand that provides furniture for outdoor infinites, where people can find a bit of this French way of life- that cheerful hilarity of living. After all, espousing downtime, enjoying life, and spending time with others are the purposes of an outdoor room!

In their 30+ years of creating collects and outfitting outdoor spaces, Fermob has understood their patterns sold in more than 60 countries across the globe. Part of that success can be attributed to their design approach- rather than simply creating a piece of furniture, they also think about who will use it, how it will be used, and if it’s true to the core values of the company. Furthermore, as the label continues on its upward trajectory, they’re continuously assessing their collectings and ascertaining what persona each part plays in outdoor infinites, what other slice might be needed.

The answers to these questions passed Fermob to design lighting and supplementaries that are cohesive in scheme and emblazon with their outdoor furniture accumulations. Continue to enhance your opening and included environment with placemats, cushions, and more. Babies becomes part of the equation as well, with smaller scale furniture patterns accessible that match-up with full-size fragments and pigments. There’s no reason for endangering on your aesthetic when thoughtful answers that aren’t plastic exist!

If joie de vivre is Fermob’s sun, then designing and color are the closest orbiting planets. Their collects aim to enhance the existing beauty of the outdoors, giving you the excellent setup to sit and enjoy. More specifically, Fermob organizes with an gaze on French design characteristics that showcase a balance of heritage, industrial, and artistic forces. A prime example is the folding Bistro chair, portrait above, that’s both artful and balanced as well as so brilliantly produced that it’s able to hold 300 lbs.

Fermob is so known for their intend DNA that designers the world over defer their product designs to the company for scrutinize. The design team encounters monthly to review these submissions, gazing closely for original sentiments, insight, invention, and constructing requirements. Fermob takes this process very seriously, paying royalties to designers they working in collaboration with and monitor closely for knockoffs. As the label continues on its upward path they’re endlessly evaluating their collectings and what capacity each portion dallies, as well as what other patches might be needed.

When the company first started out, the only dyes available in outdoor furniture were green and white- classic garden emblazons. Fermob felt it was important to offer consumers more color options, and as it stands today there are 24 pigments available.

In 1996, Fermob swopped from liquid colours to powder covers, allowing for additional complexions to be developed. This new technology likewise gave Fermob to make sustainable manufacturing procedures gravely by installing a zero-waste painting line. Being a brand that designs furniture for the outdoors, it wouldn’t be true to Fermob’s the objectives to not consider the environment.

Each year the team analyzes fad directions, complexion projections, and their own color palette, as they strategically contribute and finish colours. Three were vacated for 2020 to make room for the add-on of Clay Grey, Ice Mint, and Frosted Lemon. This trio was quite literally desegregated by hand, with the team beginning with a gallon of white decorate and including tiny pinches of colored pulverization until they reached the desired mixtures!

Because the outdoors is dependent upon both your environment and geography, Fermob’s colorings have been created to blend into nature no matter where that may be. They’ve composed not one off-color or one dark-green, but instead various make their own choices so they’re in harmony with one another as well as the rest of your outdoor world. In fact, there are five lettuces to blend with trees and lettuce openings, and three blues and four grays to reflect the colourings of the oceans and seas and sky. Other colours blend with the desert, the earth, and blooms. All of this goes to show just how purposeful Fermob is in developing colourings that work together.

This approach to color formation too lends itself well to creating the eventual in indoor/ outdoor live, with Fermob’s designings and dyes carrying us right from the living room through the porch openings. These coloring options have the magic of acquiring metal inspection sophisticated, there’s something for everyone no matter your preferences.

Fermob approaches the creation of their outdoor furniture by looking into all aspects of living outdoors and not simply placing form over gathering, though their expressed its appreciation for both is evident from first sight. The brand’s core values influence every decision, every design, and all else Fermob contributes to outdoor lifestyles.

To learn more about Fermob stay fermobusa.com.

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