Fire, Magnetism, Micronova, Galactic Wave | S0 News Mar.7.2020

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Daily Sun, Earth and Science News

COSMIC DISASTER 2020 Playlist:
COSMIC DISASTER 2019 Original Series:

CLIMATE FORCING Playlist https :// playlist? roster =P LHSoxioQtwZcqdt3LK 6d66tMreI4gqIC-


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Today’s Featured Links:
SOFIA Article: https :// piece/ sofia-s-infrared-view-of-the-skies
US Feb Climate: https :// temp-and-precip/ us-maps/ 1/202002 #us-maps-select
Betelgeuse Micronova Evidence: https :// story/ 2020/03/ 06/ dimming-betelgeuse-dust/
Amazon Burning, Unremarkable: http :// Employments/ Observing_the_Earth/ Burned_area_trends_in_the_Amazon_similar_to_previous_years
OLD Geomagnetic Jerk Article: https :// Employments/ Observing_the_Earth/ Swarm/ Swarm_helps_explain_Earth_s_magnetic_jerks
Geomagnetic Intensity Map: https :// geomag/ WMM/ data/ WMM2 020/ WMM2 020 _F_BoZ_MILL.pdf
Radcliffe Wave Article: https :// pdf/ 2003.02315. pdf

Music by NEMES1S

Links for the News:
TY WindMap: https ://
Earth WindMap: http ://
SDO: http :// data/
Helioviewer: http ://
SOHO: https :// data/ Theater/
STEREO: http :// cgi-bin/ idols
GOES Satellites: http :// ramsdis/ online/ goes-1 6. asp
Earthquakes: https :// shakes/ map
RSOE: http :// alertmap/ index2. php

suspicious eyewitness suspicious0bservers

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