How to Fix a Car that Wont Start (I bought it for $500)

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Car wont start? Learn how to oust a fuel spout and oil cistern. I evidence you how to buy a vehicle that wont start for $500 and fix it to make a $ 2100 benefit. The gondola wont crank and the ga spout and gas barrel need to be replaced. I also demo you how to change the muffler so by the end of the video we have a really nice and reliable daily driver!

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Pitch: http :// 2PNfHLS

Tools be useful in the video:
150 Piece Set: https :// 2PRQM9N
Breaker rail: https :// 2vILlmD
Saw: https :// 2x5XlyX
4lb Hammer: http :// 2PPtH7O
Locking Pliers: https :// 2wwZZO9
Torque Wrench: https :// 3cCrsOL
Screwdrivers: http :// 3cz0cRc
Ratcheting Wrench Set: http :// 3cyZ8wS

Haynes Service Manual: https :// en-us/
Fire Extinguisher: https :// 2uYsPqf
Ramps: https :// 2v16vfC
OEM Fuel Pump Assembly: https :// 2PRS9VX
Fuel Pump Locking Ring: https :// 3cwtwIa
Muffler: https :// 2TKYJyE

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