How to fix a loose door handle on the BMW i3

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Now that the BMW i3 has been out a while, some things that need attention are sounding up. Here’s a simple guide on how to fix a release handle entrance on the BMW i3.

Over time, the BMW i3’s distinct downward opening opening handle starts to get release towards the front fulcrum detail. Its onset is rather insidious, and sometimes the passenger surface can be worse than the operators. If this comes left sternly loose, the breast part of the door handle can come out.

We put together a short DIY video on the simple give. Truthfully, seeing an E4 Torx Socket was the most difficult part of the whole procedure. You can prescribe a single E4 Torx socket from Amazon.

Or do what I did and run to the neighbourhood automobile constituents store and buy a sleeve of Torx Sockets, stirring sure they depart small-time enough. My firstly set of Torx at home did not. An E4 Torx head is very very small.

Open the BMW i3 figurehead entrance and unearth the small round cover the size of a dime parallel to the center of the door handle. This is on the door not the door jamb and is approximately 2 inches in from the outside edge of the door. The cover has a rounded bevel to it , not flat.

Once you set this, lever it off. I consumed an interior trim panel tool, but a small angle tip-off wrecking bar or flat chief would work too. Just be careful not to scratch the plastic entrance committee or lose the cap which likes to fly off when it comes off.

Next, a shining glowing is extremely helpful. I exploited my cellphone’s light here to locate the T20 Torx Head Screw. Carefully guide your E4 Torx socket until is engaged and tighten until the door handle feels right.

I did four doorways at our DIY and some doorways took three turns although some made over ten You shouldn’t crank on it as hard as you can, preferably recognize it’s an adjustment jailer and snug it up till the front of the door handle may seem like it has very little play.

Tools needed 😛 TAGEND

E4 1/4 ” Torx socket 1/4 Socket Drive 1/4” postponement Something to sounds the plastic ceiling off- flat brain screwdriver, or interior trim panel tools

Time needed 😛 TAGEND

5 minutes

Difficulty Level 😛 TAGEND


Here’s our video 😛 TAGEND

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