How to Get More Organic Traffic Without Doing Any SEO (Seriously)

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You all know SEO is a long-term game … at least when it comes to Google.

And yes, who doesn’t want to be at the top of Google for some of the most competitive terms? But the reality is, we don’t all have the budget or time.

So then, what should you do?

Well, what if I told you there were simple ways to get more organic commerce and, best of all, you don’t have to do one chip of SEO?


So, what is it? And how can you get more organic freight?

Well, this story will help explain it…

The old days

When I first started my journeying as an SEO, I went really good at one thing.

Getting rankings!

Now to be fair, this was back in 2003 when it wasn’t that hard to rank on Google( or any other search engine for that matter ).

Stuff some keywords into your page, your meta labels, and construct some spammy rich linchpin textbook relates and you were good to go.

You could literally participate answers in less than a month.

SEO wasn’t too complicated back then. So much so, that I even started an SEO agency and created a handful of sites.

I was starting to rank my locates at the top of Google but they didn’t make a dollar. Literally , not a single dollar.

In fact, I was actually losing money on them because I had to pay for the domain registration outlays and hosting.

So, one day I has been determined that I was tired of losing money and I was going to do something about it. I made the keywords that I was grading for and started to type them into Google to see who was paying for ads for those terms.

I hit up each of those sites and tried to get a hold of the owner or the person in charge of marketing.

I asked them how much they were paying for ads and offered them the same exact traffic for a much lower price. I was able to do this because I already had locates that ranked for those working keywords.

In other messages, I offered to rent out my website for a monthly fee that was a fraction of what they were paying for paid ads.

Next thing you know I was accumulating 5 representations in monthly the examinations and my “renters” were joyful because they were generating sales at a fraction of the costs compared to what they were spending on paid ads.

So, what’s the programme?

Well, it’s simple. Back in the day, I used to rent out my websites … the whole site.

These days I’ve taught to monetize my own place, so I don’t rent them out.

But you know what, the majority of members of the locates that rank on Google are content-based locates. Over 56% of a website’s organic congestion is typically going to their blog or sections.

So why not rent a page on someone else’s site? From there, modify that page a little to promote your concoctions or services?

I know this sounds crazy, but it succeeds. I have one person that just reaches out to site proprietors asking if we can rent out a page on their site. We do this for all industries and horizontals … and when I look at how much we are spending versus how much income we are generating, it’s crazy.

Here are the stats for the last month 😛 TAGEND

Rental fees: $24,592

Outreach penalties: $3,000

Legal costs: $580

Copywriting and monetization payments: $1,500

Total monthly rate: $29,672

Now guess what my monthly income was?

It was $79,283.58.

Not too bad.

Now your expense on this simulation won’t be as high-pitched as mine because you can do your own outreach, monetize the page you are renting on your own, and “youre supposed to” don’t need a lawyer.

And don’t be afraid of how much I am spending in rental rewards as you can get away with spending$ 0 in the first 30 eras as I will show you exactly what to do.

Remember, it’s also not what you are spending, it’s about revenue and what the fuck you preparing. If it won’t cost you any coin in the first 30 daylights and you can generate income, your risk is little to none.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow 😛 TAGEND

Step #1: Find the terms you want to rank for

If you already know the terms you want to rank for, great, you can skip this step.

If you don’t, I want you to head to Ubersuggest and nature in a few cases of your competitors’ URLs.

Head over to the top sheets report and look at their top pages.

Now click on “view all” under the estimated visits article to see a listing of keywords that each page grades for.

I want you to create a list of all of the keywords that contain a high search volume and have a high CPC. Keywords with a high CPC generally mean that they convert well.

Keywords with a low-toned CPC generally mean they don’t convert as well.

When you are making a directory of keywords, you’ll required to made to ensure that you have a product or service that is related to each keyword. If you don’t then you won’t is the possibility of monetize the traffic.

Step #2: Search for the term

It’s is necessary to do some Google searches.

Look for all of the sheets that rank in the top 10 for the period you ideally want to rank for.

Don’t waste your time with sheet 2.

What I requirement you to look for is 😛 TAGEND

Someone who isn’t your competitor. Your competition isn’t likely to rent out a sheet on their site to you.A page that isn’t monetized. Not selling a products or services.( If the page has ads, don’t worry .) A locate owned by a smaller company … a publicly-traded company isn’t likely to do a transaction. A venture-funded company isn’t likely to do a administer either( Crunchbase will tell you if the latter are venture-funded ).

Step #3: Hit up the website

Typically, through their contact page, they should have their mailing address or phone number scheduled. If they have a contact form, you can get in touch that style as well.

If you can’t find their items, you can do a whois lookup to see if you can find their phone number.

What’ll you want to do is get them on the telephone. DO NOT MAKE YOUR PITCH OVER EMAIL.

It just doesn’t work well over email.

If you can’t witnes their phone number, email them with a content that leads something like this…

Subject:[ their website list]

Hey[ put first name ],

Do you have time for a quick label this week?

We’ve been researching your business and we would like to potentially obligate you an offer.

Let me know what works for you.


[ implant your epithet]

[ slip your company]

[ insert your phone number]

You want to keep the email short-spoken as I have found that it tends to generate more calls.

Once you get them on the phone, you can tell them a little bit about yourself. Once you do that, tell them that you noticed they have a page or multiple sheets on their website that interest you.

Point out the URL and said about how you are interested in giving them coin each month to rent out the sheet and you wouldn’t change much of it … but you need some more information before you can become your offer.

At this target, you’ll want to find out how much congestion that sheet engenders and the keywords it ranks for. They should have an idea by i look at their Google Analytics( you’ll meet most of these locates don’t use Google Search Console ).

Once you have that, give them know that you will get in touch with them in the next few daylights after you run some numbers.

Go back, try to figure out what each sound is worth based on a conservative shift pace of. 5 %. In other texts,. if 5% of that traffic converted into a customer, what would the traffic be worth to you after all overheads?

You’ll want to use a republican multitude because you can’t modify the page too heavily or else you may lose rankings.

Once you have a rough idea of what the sheet is worth, get back on the telephone with them and say you want to run exams for 30 periods to get a more solid crowd on what you can pay them as you want to give them a gala offer.

Typically, most people don’t have an issue because they aren’t making money from the sheet in the first place.

Step #4: Monetize the sheet

If you are selling a concoction, the easiest way to monetize is to add links to the products you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a kitchen device like a toaster, you can add links from the commodity to your site.

Just like this article.

The easiest way to monetize a blog affix is to add links to produces or services “youre gonna” selling.

Don’t delete a lot of the content on the page you are modifying … contributing isn’t too much of such issues but when you delete content sometimes you will lose rankings.

As for a service-based business, relation out to sheets on your website where people can fill out their leading report is great.

Or you can merely included contribute beguile to the sheet you are renting out. Kind of like how HubSpot computes contribute shapes on their site.

I’ve actually found that they convert better than exactly relating out to your site.

When monetizing the page you are renting, bear in mind that you will need disclaimers to let people know that you are collecting their information for privacy determinations. You likewise should disclose you are renting out the sheet and nofollow the links.

Once you are monetizing the sheet for a bit, you’ll have a rough idea of what it is worth and you can make an offer on what you’ll page.

I recommend doing a 12 -month contract in which you are able to opt-out with a 30 -day notice.

The reason you crave a 12 -month agreement is that you don’t want to have to keep renegotiating. I also include the 30 -day opt-out notice in case they “losing ones” standings, you can opt-out.

And to clarify on the op-out clause, I have it so only I can opt-out and they are stuck in the agreement for a year.


SEO isn’t the only way you can get more organic traffic.

Being innovative, such as renting pages that already rank is an easy solution. Best of all, you can get results instant and it’s probably cheaper than doing SEO in the long run.

The only issue with this representation is that it is really hard to scale.

If I were you, I would do both. I, of course, do SEO on my own locate because it accommodates a big ROI. And, of course, if you can rent out the sheets of everybody else who grades for the terms you want to rank for, it can provide multiple creeks of income from SEO.

The beauty of this is model is that you can take up more than one rostering on sheet 1. In theory, you can take up all 10 if you can convince everyone to let you rent their position page.

So, what do you think of the idea? Are you going to try it out?

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