How to Write PPC Ad Copy Using AI

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Robert F
November 20, 2020

How to Write PPC Ad Copy Using AI

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It’s no secret: the world countries of PPC advertising is not for the faint-hearted. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up throwing money down the drain.

How can you increase the chances of the right people clicking on your ads? You need to learn how to write ad imitation that converts.

Thankfully, technological advancements like artificial intelligence( AI) are here to save the day. AI tools can help you write ad copy that produces results.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your PPC Campaigns?

Just so we’re on the same page, let’s abruptly look at a simple definition of AI.

Artificial intelligence( AI) is a multidisciplinary branch of science that includes machine learning( ML ), natural language processing( NLP ), deep teach, and many other emerging technologies.

The main benefits of AI when it comes to creating fascinating PPC ad print include 😛 TAGEND

Unmatched data processing powerAbility to better “predict” click-through charges and tone scoresIdentify attempts that will get the most trafficSaves you time coping campaigns

However , no matter how much data you have at your fingertips and how well you can identify rewarding attempts, all that will be to no avail if your ad simulate sucks.

AI can help you with that. I’ll show you how below.

6 Methods AI Can Help You Write Good PPC Ad Copy

Many tools can assist you in write ad mimic. Nonetheless, countless AI-powered implements have one huge advantage: unlike their precedes that is dependent upon historical data, AI-powered tools give you real-time data. This process allows you to refine your imitate to better suit the market situation when the contents is created and published.

These are tips that will help optimize your ad forgery, whether you’re advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, or any other of the myriad stages available.

Use AI for Audience Research

The very first thing you need to do before writing ad copy is to understand your target audience. The key to successful ad copy is to know not only who your target audience is, but too to know 😛 TAGEND

What they’re looking forWhy they’re looking forward to it

In short-lived, understanding your audience will help you understand the intent behind your prospect’s search. Knowing this could help you write personalized ad simulate that will resonate with your public, eliciting a clink through to your offer.

It will too help you create ads that are so targeted that exclusively the right people will click on them. Additionally, it will help you write ad mimic who are interested in any oppositions your public may have.

When you know how to write ad copy that speaks directly to your gathering, you’ll likely experience a decrease in wasted clinks and an increase in your return on ad spend( ROAS ).

How do you get to know your audience? This process is where AI lights best.

How to write PPC Ad Copy Using AI IBM Watson audience insight

AI-powered audience search tool like IBM’s Watson are great for helping you with predictive gatherings. These purchasers may not look anything alike but have some common strands that conclude them related targets for your PPC ads. By processing data from multiple sources, AI helps you understand the type of beings you should target with your ads.

These revelations help you significantly reduce the risk of ad waste, as your ad reproduce will be hyper-personalized, forming it requesting to the right people. With ad invest increasingly large across all industries, AI will help ensure that you get a good ROI from your campaigns.

Conduct Competitor Research Using AI

Before you put pen to paper, you must study the competitive environment.

You must conduct competitor research. This data will help you understand( among other things ):

The type of ad copy that generates clicksAd formats that work best in your nicheOpportunities your competitors are missing that you can leverage

The data you get from your competitors’ ad campaigns is invaluable in helping you know how to write ad copy that will perform exceptionally well.

This process is where AI-powered competitor search tool like Adthena come to play.

how to write ad copy using the Adthena AI powered competitor analysis tool

By gaining revelations into your competitors’ PPC activity and market switches, you’ll be better armed to write compelling PPC ad copy.

The real-time data AI engineerings provision may help you gain or preserve a angle world markets by ensuring you’re up-to-date with trends and news that affect your grocery public. Real-time data is also essential when conducting competitor analysis, as any slow in time could result in the competitor cornering the market.

Don’t delay to get on the AI bandwagon, peculiarly when it is necessary to writing ad copy.

AI Can Help You Discover Keyword Possibility

Everyone knows keywords are the foundation of every good PPC campaign. Unfortunately, with more transactions striving for the same target audience, relevant keyword opportunities are becoming harder to find.

AI can help.

With the tournament for profitable keywords being uber-stiff , normal keyword investigate exactly doesn’t cut it anymore. You must leverage AI to help you uncover hidden keyword pearls.

This fact is especially true since keyword research for SEO and PPC is not the same. For PPC, your money moves or subsides on the keywords you use. That’s why you must find keywords that will give you a good return when you bid for them.

AI-powered implements like BrightEdge, for example , is not merely help you detect profitable keywords but are also able to give insight into the intent behind those keywords.

How to write ad copy using BrightEdges AI powered keyword intent tool

Because they offer real-time data, you are in a better position to write ad copy based on keyword openings as they start. Of direction, this will give you an side over the event, as your ads will have a better risk of being served to users while keeping your ad invest low-grade.

Headline Optimization Is Easy with AI

Saying that your headline is a critical part of your ad copy is an understatement. Its evaluate can never be overstated because it’s your first chance to hook your customers.

If your headers are poorly crafted, useds will simply move past your ad. But if you write your headline well, it will stop them from scrolling so they look at the rest of your ad imitation. AI can help you craft headlines that stop people in their moves by helping you write headlines that result in much-coveted clicks.

A great precedent is Persado. The AI-powered copywriting tool facilitated Chase Bank increase the CTR on their ads by as much as 450%. How? By crafting headlines that resonate more with their target audience.

How to write ad copy using artificial intelligence

There are AI-powered tools that are designed to help you optimize your headers to derive consumers to click on your ads.

The success of your ad blitz goes on your headlines.

The next fraction users look at is the ad description.

Use AI to Nail Your Ad Description

Next to your headline, your ad description is the most crucial part of your ad photocopy. While the headline is the hook that seizures your prospect’s attention, your ad description is the sales pitch that gets them to click on your ad.

However, there’s a catch: you have a limited number of courages to use to convince your prospects to click-through to your present. This conveys every person weighs. It must help derive a positive action from customers. That’s why you must make sure you know how to write ad copy that drives clicks.

Fortunately, AI can help you write fascinating ad copy.

With AI copywriting tools like Phrasee, you don’t have to guess what kind of copy works.

Discover how to write ad copy using Phrasees AI powered copywriting tool

Using machine learning and gathering data from different pulpits, AI copywriting tools have “mastered” the artwork of writing great ad copy.

Using machine learning( ML ), natural language generation( NLG ), deep discover, and other engineerings, AI-powered copywriting tools can assist you in form obliging ad simulate that stands out from the crowd. AI makes into consideration many facets, such as language, semantics, sentence structure, and a whole lot more to help you create optimized ad imitate at scale.

Another huge AI-powered ad creation tool you can consider is CopyAI.

Use CopyAI to write PPC ad copy that converts

Copy AI is designed to take the grunt work out of brainstorming unique ad notions. It will help you increase your ROAS by helping you come up with related audience-based simulate that your purchasers won’t be able to resist. The deep understand programme that dominances CopyAI can personalize your ad copy to suit any holiday, party, or campaign.

AI-powered copywriting tools are a great way to save meter and fund as they work faster and more efficiently. And at the end of the working day, they’ll help you boost your bottom line.

Calls-to-Action: AI Can Help With That Too

Calls-to-action( CTAs) are a ticklish part of writing ad copy. That’s because your CTA is usually made up of 2-5 terms to stimulate beings to take action.

While stages like Google and Facebook give you some CTA alternatives make their own choices as you generate your expeditions, it’s always better to create your own CTAs. After all, if you use the options generated by search engines and social media platforms, you won’t stand out from the competition.

Your CTA dallies a crucial role in pushing your expectations across the finish line. As such, give it careful consideration. You may get every other element of your ad forgery remedy, but if your CTA is weak, your hard work will be in vain.

What obliges for a strong clickable CTA? One text: personalization.

Different gatherings greeting differently to CTAs. That’s why you must pay special attention to the language your gathering uses and try as much as possible to implement it in your CTAs. This is one area where public research pays off because it helps you craft personalized CTAs. Studies show that personalized CTAs perform up to 202% better than generic ones.

Note: make sure to create a different CTA for each campaign. Don’t really regurgitate past CTAs, even if they works well in previous campaigns.

Yes, it may be a lot of work if you make love manually. That’s why you shouldn’t do it manually; implementation AI instead.

Again, tools like Persado utter appointing impactful CTAs easier.

how to write ppc ad copy using Persado tool

Leveraging data such as sentiment analysis( or passion AI ), AI-powered tools help you originate CTAs that tug at your prospects’ heartstrings. Of track, every marketer knows that it is easier to loosen your prospects’ purse strings if you can do that.

By leveraging AI in crafting your CTAs, you increase your ad copy’s chances of achieving its goal of boosting your bottom line.


It’s absurd to ignore AI as a digital purveyor. It’s everywhere around us. From AI SEO to AI in website scheme, every facet of digital market is becoming more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence.

As a marketer, if you’re looking to know how to write ad copy that converts, you must lean heavily on AI-powered implements to help you. From the planning stage to deployment, AI can help you optimize every part of your PPC ad campaigns.

Though remember: without good ad facsimile, your ad devote is likely to be squandered. How do you write good ad emulate? By using AI.

Sure, AI may not be able to handle the inventive place of writing ad copy fully alone. However, it does extend a long way in helping you create ad copy that sells.

Are you ready to embrace the power of AI in your ad mimic start?

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