I Need Your Help With Ubersuggest

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Robert F
January 20, 2020

I Need Your Help With Ubersuggest

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It’s been more than a year since I propelled the “new” Ubersuggest.

And over the last 12 months, I have made a lot of progress.

Just as a immediate summary: Ubersuggest extended from a basic keyword research tool to now containing backlink data, grade tracking, material hypothesis, site scrutiny reports, and many more features.

If you haven’t played with Ubersuggest in the past few months, give it a try . Type in a URL or a keyword and click around.

The reason I am asking you to give it a try is that I need your help to determine what I should develop next so I can assist you in improve your freight and rankings even more.

But before we get into that, let me first say to you what I am exhausting in the next few months.

Upcoming boasts

So, let’s break it down by area as I am making a lot of small changes that should not only improve the data, but too the usability of the product.

Funny fairly, there will be changes to every area of the tool.

Keyword research

Over the next month, the keyword outline is going to change in which I will start to tell you demographic data. You’ll construe what percentage of the searches are to be undertaken by males or females as well as the average age range of a searcher.

You’ll too interpret what fraction of the clicks for any given keyword go to SEO ensues, ads, or result in no clinks.

I am also going to break huntings down by portable versus desktop.

More accurate data

Another big change that is happening, and this one won’t be visual, is all of the data will become much more accurate.

From traffic estimations for a orbit, to even keywords, you’ll start ensure a more accurate database.

For example, when I look at all of the keywords neilpatel.com grades for, a lot of them are waste keywords that don’t drive much traffic.

Sure, review reports still accommodates price as a lot of the keywords are good and can provide good SEO revelations, but with more accurate data it should establish your job easier.

New backlinking data

Another feature that I am aroused about is the new backlink charts.

I’m adding historic connect data over age as well as a snapshot of daily new and lost links.

In addition to that, you’ll start look more data on anchor text or join distribution.


A huge problem with Ubersuggest is that you have to continually come back to get value. In the next month or so, you will start seeing email alertings that will tell you what’s happening with your area and what you should fix.

The overall determination is for you to not have to come to Ubersuggest to figure out what you need to fix.

Usability fastens

The biggest problem with Ubersuggest is beings don’t know what to do with the data or how to improve their rankings.

This will be fixed in the upcoming months.

From an education center and demos to lessons and more, we are creating a guided move so “youre seeing” better gains in your search traffic.

Alright, so now that you know what I am working on, I now need your help to figure out what I should do next.

Where do you want me to make Ubersuggest?

I have a few options for you, but I am not sure what you want me to do with the tool.

Sure, I “ve known you” require more free features and I will do that, but what’s going to provide you with the biggest additions?

Here are some options…

Automated SEO- would you like me to focus my endeavors on automating your SEO? All you would have to do is add a javascript to your website like Google Analytics and it would automate 40 to 50% of your SEO duties. It would even adjust your code for you automatically no matter what CMS you use. Again, it would Merely automate 50% or so of your enterprises, I can’t automate all 100% … yet.Ad control- is it you people want an easy to use ad management system? From Facebook and Google to even smaller places like Quora, there are tons of ad opportunities. I could create an easy to use system that helps you find all of the ad opportunities and optimize/ succeed them for you in an automated way.Free email commerce- I know there are tools like Mailchimp that are great, but what if I made it so you can send an unlimited quantity of emails to an unlimited number of contacts for free? Chrome extension- what if I took increases out there from tools like Moz, Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, and SEMrush and blended the best features and stirred it free? Or do you have any better ideas? I am open to anything.


I can take Ubersuggest in many different directions. There isn’t certainly a right or wrong approach and, wherever I take it, I will make sure that the make is still really easy to use.

The question is, what do you want me to focus on firstly?

That’s all that matters in the gloriou programme of things because I am improving this for you.

So, if you can, leave a comment below letting me know where you want me to give Ubersuggest. It can be one of the options above, or if you have a better idea, I am open to that as well.

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Robert F
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