🍅 LIVE: Answers to Your Questions on Composting, Garden Overwhelm & Grow Lights

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Today I share answers to your questions on composting, garden-variety overwhelm& stretch suns! Join me and the garden-variety society each Monday at noon, PT for plot tips, community aid and garden-variety Q& A. I’m in the conversation 15 minutes before the livestream starts to hang out with YOU!

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1. Clamp ignited set up
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How to Build a Compost Pile& 5 Tips to Make Compost FASTER!/ How to Compost# 1:

Maintaining a Hot Compost Pile/ How to Compost# 2: http :// bit.ly/ CaliKimHotCompostPileMaintenance

How to Turn a Hot Compost Pile/ How to Compost# 3: http :// bit.ly/ CaliKimHowToTurnACompostPile

How to Compost in Small Space in a 5 gallon container: http :// bit.ly/ calikimcompost5galcontainer

-eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy”

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SUBSCRIBE: https :// www.youtube.com/ consumer/ CaliKim2 9

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Pinterest: http :// www.pinterest.com/ CaliKim2 9/

FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: calikim @calikimgardenandhome. com

Read more: youtube.com

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