Our panel of experts for the #AndroidDevChallenge (apply by Dec. 2)

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Just a bit over a week left to finish your submission for the Android Developer Challenge, due December 2! Technology is enabling us to create a whole new period of supportive innovation by helping people get things done more quickly and surfacing motifs that would be difficult to detect utilizing traditional methods. Ultimately, this helpful innovation is enabling us to live better, more productive, and safer lives.

Earlier the coming week, we highlighted the type of helpful invention projects powered by machine learning which are the sort of precedents we’re looking for, to help inspire you. Today, we were just trying to share the names of the panel of experts we’ve assembled to help bring your projects to life for the purposes of the Android Developer Challenge. These experts will be originating the final judgment on the 10 finalists of the Android Developer Challenge, and if you’re selected as one of those finalists, we plan to have you be complied with when we bring you to Google HQ for a bootcamp next year:

Dave Burke is Vice President of Engineering at Google where he passes engineering for the Android platform. Android is the largest mobile platform and ecosystem in the world, with over 2 billion active devices spanning smartphones, tablets, wearables, automobile, TV, and IOT. Dave connected Google UK in 2007, becoming an engineering site lead and later moving to California in 2011. Prior to Google, Dave co-founded and was CTO of an internet/ telecoms utter startup and cured characterize associated Web and Internet guidelines.

Stephanie Cuthbertson is Senior Director of Developer PM, DevRel and UX for Android. She previously worked on Google’s Search& Ads customs, as well as a range of developer implements used by Google works internally. Prior to Google, she was at AWS where she contributed the produce control unit for Storage, including Amazon S3. Before AWS, she spent 10 years working on Visual Studio and make tools.

Brahim Elbouchikhi is a Director of Product Management on the Android team. On Android, Brahim is responsible for developer and customer facing ML and Camera concoctions including CameraX and ML Kit. Prior to Android, Brahim conducted Daydream’s software team. Brahim was also a founding PM of the Google Play store where he produced monetization, research, and finding.

Yossi Matias is Vice President, Engineering, at Google. He precedes the initiatives in Search( Autocomplete, Live Results, Trends ), Conversational AI( Google Duplex, Call Screen, Live Caption, Live Relay, Recorder, Pronunciation ), and other Research strategies. He is the lead of Google’s Crisis Response and co-lead of Google’s AI for Social Good. Yossi is the founding Head of Google’s R& D Center in Israel, and the founding executive lead of Google for Startup Campus Tel Aviv and of Launchpad. In addition to his experience as an administration and inventor, Yossi has a rich record of scientific research, published extensively, and has dozens of patents on his reputation. Yossi is a recipient of the Godel Prize and is an ACM Fellow.

Sarah Sirajuddin is an engineering director working on TensorFlow at Google. She heads the teams working on on-device machine learning, TensorFlow Extended, and tries around train poses for the best accuracy and achievement with Google’s cutting-edge infrastructure, including TensorFlow and tensor processing groups( TPUs ).

If you’ve have a great feeling that can help users get things done, we want to hear! We’ll pick 10 ideas and accommodate expertise and guidance to those developers to help in their plans to bring their ideas to fruition, in part from this amazing provided of experts we’ve made. And once the app is ready, we’ll help showcase it in front of the billions of users on Google Play, through a collect and more. You can speak more about all of the loots now.

There’s still time to submit your feeling before the December 2 deadline. Submitting your notion is as simple as creating a repository on GitHub, telling us what you’d build and how we were able( we’ve included all of the materials here ), and then officially referring your storehouse here. Ideas can be in a abstraction time to something that’s once ended; we can’t wait to hear what you come up with, and to work with you on fetching supportive invention powered by machine learning to more and more users!

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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