Prime minister of Japan says Tokyo Olympics cannot be held ‘at this point in time’

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Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI/ AFP via Getty Images

The IOC is still waiting to make a decision.

The International Olympic Committee has yet to decide whether to postpone or nullify the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it is becoming increasingly clear that a decision will need to be made sooner, rather than later.

Up to this point, the IOC has been firm on wanting to wait until late April before deciding whether the games should be cancelled, postponed or moved. The rush with which the pandemic has increased may oblige the committee to act more quickly, however.

Details are murky at this time, but reports indicate that Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe told members of parliament, “If I’m asked whether we can hold the Olympics at this point in time, I would have to say that the world is not in such a condition.” The Japanese government has yet to take an official stance, though various societies have already taken action themselves, irrespective of what Japan and the IOC decide.

On Sunday night, Canada announced that it would not send athletes to the 2020 tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic. Australia too supposedly told contestants something similar, indicating to them that video games will likely be delayed and eventually take place in the summer of 2021. It should be noted that both these decisions were formed without an official IOC stance. As of now, the IOC is officially continuing to wait and check, apparently generating itself a four-week deadline to make a decision, which would come on April 22.

At this time it seems inconceivable to imagine a large-scale, international sporting event would be possible, or proper, considering the climate worldwide. It wasn’t long ago that beings supposed the games could be moved, wistfully suggesting that the United Commonwealth has the infrastructure in place to step in and legion if needed. The pandemic moved forward so swiftly in the U.S. over the last month that these recommendations seems ludicrous now.

Postponing the games involves much more than simply telling players to wait, which could potentially why the IOC is taking its meter. Contestants have been preparing for years to be ready to compete in the summer of 2020, with potential adjournment hurling off their training regimen. In addition, there are issues with broadcasting privileges, voluntary availability and the numerous stoppages to daily working life that come with the Olympics, and may be difficult to ameliorate following widespread shutdown of service and businesses due to the coronavirus.

In addition, it’s unclear how the IOC will be adjusted to a wildly converting Olympic schedule. For decades video games have carried out under a two-year, four-year schedule which checks the summer and winter Olympic activities trading off. It’s not known whether a temporary change to the 2020 competitions would have a knock-on effect that have been able to permanently alter the schedule of the games.

This is a fluid time, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the 2020 Olympics will not happen as regular, irrespective of the IOC’s ultimate decision.

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