Ranking All 20 Editions of Paris-Roubaix in the New Millennium

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World Cup Paris - Roubaix, France

Photo by Lars Ronbog/ FrontzoneSport via Getty Images

You read the headline. You know why we’re writing stuff like this. Let’s get started by working through them all first.


Winnar: Johan Museeuw

Was het een theatre? More like a one-man drama, as Museeuw get free( briefly with Frankie Andreu) and built a huge lead, exclusively to fade fast down the elongate. His 2.40 advantage was down to 15 seconds as he hit the line, completely exhausted. In the bigger sense he was an aging star who’d nearly lost a leg to an injury suffered in the Arenberg Trench in his previous P-R appearance. He crossed the line pointing to his non-severed limb, one of the race’s most enduring instants ever.

Notable: USPS had a big team around George Hincapie and participated in slowing the pursue with Mapei, because they’d gotten Andreu free. Andreu hung with Museeuw while their big strength units blocked the shoot. After 20 km Museeuw discharged Andreu while Lefevre quietly thanked USPS for being such beneficial deludes. The 34 -year-old Lion of Flanders viewed off a hard-charging mid-prime Peter Van Petegem by far fewer seconds than USPS had helped him gain.

Greatness-ness: Museeuw’s win was his second of three and he overpowered a handful of past and future wins( PVP, Tafi, Ballerini) plus Erik Zabel, Steffen Wesemann and Hincapie. And gangrene, his toughest opponent ever.

Re-watch it!

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