Recap: THE FLASH S6E11 – “Love is a Battlefield”

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Previously on The Flash, Team Flash adjusted to a post-Crisis on Infinite Earths nature! While Barry Allen( Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen( Candace Patton) both learned to stop living in crisis mode, Cisco Ramon( Carlos Valdes) decided to set off out into the world to chronicle the changes to the timeline as a result of the universal rewrite! Meanwhile, Iris and her staff at the Central City Citizen showed a years-long metahuman conspiracy perpetrated by a gunman group called Black Hole–a discovery that led to Iris being drew into a mirror while analyse a connection with McCulloch Tech! This week’s episode, The Flash S6E 11, “Love is a Battlefield, ” perceives Barry and Iris caught in the middle of a lover’s spat between two supervillains, and trying to work out their own issues in the process.

We Are Strong

The episode opens at McCulloch Tech, immediately following the end of last week’s episode. Iris rises from the floor in front of the mirror. She has a headache, but otherwise the power searches the same way it did before. Footsteps from outside of the office induce her to scamper away.

The next morning, Iris, who is notoriously a bad concoct, has drawn Barry breakfast. He pierces into the pancakes and they’re actually delicious. Iris tells him that Team Citizen is taking some time to regroup after last episode’s criticizes before they go after Black Hole again. Then, in some absolutely stupefying product placement, Alexa hoses up and prompts the couple they have a dinner reservation at Giovanni’s coming up on Valentine’s Day. They decide to go out that night instead, and Barry has Alexa make a new territory for them. Amazon: infiltrating every part of our lives, even our superhero TV presents!

At the offices of the Central City Citizen, Frost( Danielle Panabaker) is hanging out when Allegra Garcia( Kayla Compton) arrives. Allegra objections that Nash Wells( Tom Cavanagh) has been kind of clingy with her, and in the course of conversation it comes out that Allegra hates Valentine’s Day. Frost suspects that it’s because she’s heart-broken, and Allegra admits that there’s a boy she used to date that she’s still hung up on. Social media posts indicate her ex will be at Jitters the next day, and Frost decides she’s going to help them get back together.

From THE FLASH S6E11; Photo: The CW.
From THE FLASH S6E 11; Photo: The CW.

That night, at Giovanni’s, Barry and Iris are out to dinner. Iris orderings food for them in Italian, a language Barry did not know she speaks. As the two talk about how delightful it is to be out together, Amunet Black( Katee Sackhoff) penetrates the restaurant with a flourish. She says she’s looking for someone, and conclusion him she takes the briefcase he’s carrying and the experimental tech that’s inside. Barry stands and tries to arrest her, but she have threatened to expose his secret identity( which she deduced after an encounter with Barry at Iron Heights Prison) if he tries to stop her. Iris realizes Barry let her go, and Amunet flees. Later, with the police at the restaurant, Barry and Iris tell them what happened. Iris belief that whatever Amunet misses is probably large-hearted, while Barry is still upset that he let Amunet get away. He wants to search the city as The Flash, but Iris convinces him to let her help him catch Amunet.

No One Can Tell Us We’re Wrong

The next day, at Jitters, Frost and Allegra are stalking Allegra’s ex. Frost persuasions Allegra to go talk to him, but as she prepares to they investigate her ex talking very familiarly with one of the baristas. Allegra get disturbed and leaves.

Later, Barry and Iris are in a S.T.A.R. Labs van staking out a location where they know Amunet has banked goons before. Iris is going in, as Barry is a cop and would immediately must acknowledge. They install a codeword of’ banana, ’ and Iris exits the van. She opens the bar and we see that she’s dressed in all black, apparently the uniform of a criminal in Central City. She lineup a imbibe at the bar and tells the bartender she’s looking for Amunet Black. The bouncer approaches to escort her out, and Iris knocks a bottle over his head, which causes a listening Barry to freak out and start roaring’ banana.’ Having proven herself, Iris gets a location from the bartender for where she can find Amunet, and downs her alcohol before exiting. Back in the van, Barry is still freaking out over Iris having potentially been in danger, but she shrugs him off and causes him the locale of Ivo Labs.

Soon, at Ivo Labs, Amunet blows open a safe and removes a black bag from it. As a concealing Barry and Iris watch, Amunet opens the case and removes a piece of cylindrical tech from it. Just then, Goldface( Damion Poitier) arrives and says he can’t let her leave with the tech. Barry and Iris realize they’ve wandered into a gang crusade, and Amunet and Goldface( who were formerly a pair) posture at one another before devolving into an contention over their split record collection. Using his ability to control gold, Goldface propels a amber order and moves the tech from Amunet, who flamings back with metal from her gauntlet, beginning Goldface to quit the client, which slithers over to where Iris and Barry are hiding. Barry secretly saves a security guard who’s stumbled upon the fight, and Goldface grabs the occurrence and flees, pursued by Amunet. Barry returns to Iris, who reveals that she snagged the tech from the case.

From THE FLASH S6E11; Photo: The CW.
From THE FLASH S6E 11; Photo: The CW.

Back at their suite, Barry returns from a patrol and tells Iris the organizations are transactions attempts trying to find the tech. Iris says she studies Goldface and Amunet are trying to hurt each other personally , not only their businesses. She also says, after talking to Ryan Choi, she learned that the two articles of stolen tech can be combined and used to transport delicate plantlife. Iris advocates employing the tech to get close to Amunet, but Barry is less than enthusiastic about a propose that again applies Iris in harm’s way. Iris snaps at him that she had to protect herself from Doctor Light while he was off on Lian Yu, and that she doesn’t want to be his damsel in distress anymore. The two argue about her refuge, and Iris tells Barry she’s grown, that she’s proud of who she’s become, and that she wishes he felt the same. She storms off, leaving Barry speechless.

Meanwhile, at the Central City Citizen offices, Frost is getting drunk and drowning her mournings when Nash arrives. He tells her he’s looking for Allegra and stumbles to make an excuse before turning things around to talk about what’s erroneous with Frost. Frost says she failed to help Allegra, and has generally failed to figure out how to be a ordinary person in the world. Nash tells her not everything in life is black and white, and that she should get back into the game.

Scour Our Hearts For So Long

Iris arrives at Amunet’s hideout( which is just a loft apartment mostly ). She tells Amunet she got the location from the bartender, then presents the tech and says she wants in on Amunet’s action. Iris says she knows what flower Amunet is after, and that the flower’s pollen can be heated and used to give those who inhale it telepathic strengths. Amunet asks why she should believe Iris, and Iris says she wants to use the pollen so she can read Barry’s mind, which will hopefully help keep their marriage from being spoilt by all of Barry’s superheroing. Amunet is delighted to hear this, and countenances Iris’s offer to join her.

Elsewhere, at the Central City Police Headquarters, Barry and Captain Joe West( Jesse L. Martin) are talking about the intensify syndicate struggle. Barry illustrates to Joe that he can’t call in Team Flash to help because Amunet knows them all and he has to protect them. He also says he fantasizes Iris is right about Amunet and Goldface’s feud being personal. Barry then tells Joe about the rationale “hes had” with Iris, and Joe agrees that Iris has grown a lot. Barry says he’s worried that they’re flourishing apart, and Joe likens marriage to a tree that’s constantly proliferating and division out, while under dirt the beginnings are growing deeper and stronger.

Back at the Citizen office, Frost witness Allegra sulking. Frost rationalizes for meddling in Allegra’s lovelife, and Allegra says she was right in a way before telling the full narrative behind her breakup: she ghosted her ex because she didn’t miss him to find out she has capabilities. Frost says she should commit her ex a chance to accept her as she really is, and repetition Nash’s point about things not ever being black and white.

Later, Amunet, Iris, and Amunet’s gang are at the location where the uncommon flower ever held. Amunet expounds to Iris about her relationship with Goldface, and says they broke up as their respective professions improved. Iris hints Amunet should talk to Goldface, but Amunet seems uninterested. The mob discoveries the flower, a rare orchid that exclusively blooms every 25 years, and Amunet attracts the tech out of her pocket. Time then Goldface and his mob arrive, and a battle between the two groups commences.

From THE FLASH S6E11; Photo: The CW.
From THE FLASH S6E 11; Photo: The CW.

The Flash arrives and wipes Iris out of the crossfire, and Iris says they have to convince Amunet and Goldface that they still love each other. Barry makes out all of the goons, and is able to get the two leads to talk to each other for a moment before they both turn on him. Returning to Iris, Barry tells her he can’t get through to them, and Iris advocates a bold move: burn the flower. Barry hurls lightning at it, and the flower goes up in flames, superheated pollen complete the aura around Amunet and Goldface. The two suddenly able to hear each others’ recollects, they recognize they are in love, communicating with each other telepathically as Barry and Iris look on. Amunet and Goldface eventually start making out, and things get awkward real fast for Barry and Iris, who watch in horror.

Both of Us Knowing

Later, at Jitters, Allegra tells Frost she rationalized to her ex and justified everything, and that they’re going to be friends now. She thanks Frost for her opinion, and leaves to rejoin her friend as Nash arrives. Frost thanks Nash for his help, and says his advice was almost parental. She tells Nash she’s accessible if he ever wants to talk about anything. As she departs, Nash turns to say something to her and checks the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 across the room, staring at him. A party sweeps in front of him, and Earth-2 Wells disappears, leaving Nash stunned.

Back at Barry and Iris’s apartment, Barry rationalizes to Iris for the way he plowed her earlier. He tells her that he’s proud of her, and Iris assures him they’ll never grow apart. The two kiss, and as they adopt, Iris gazes over at the nearby mirror. Inside the mirror, the real Iris West-Allen examines on, caught, unable to tell Barry that the woman he’s with isn’t the real her.

To be continued!

This week’s The Flash leaned heavily into the camp aspects of the register, with Katee Sackhoff and Damion Poitier absolutely downing surrounding every time they were on screen. The scenes peculiarity one or both of them were extremely fun, and a neat oppose to the heavy stuff going on between Barry and Iris. The cliffhanger is also fascinating, and should make for an interesting turn once Barry realizes that’s not his wife and that Iris really is in some danger. And what’s up with the Earth-2 Wells is reported to Nash? I’ve formulated for a while that Nash has some sort of connection to that Well( I thought he actually was Harry for a while ), and I’m interested to see how that plays out. Hopefully we’ll find out more next week!

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