Studio Coffee Run 2/28/20: Bob Iger out at Disney, SPIDER-MAN lands a working title and we’ve got a sweet CANDYMAN trailer

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Welcome back, Studio Coffee Folks! It’s been a Week here in the leisure nature, in case you couldn’t tell from all the news about Bob Iger leaving Disney. We’ll move that first, then move on to more Mouse news as Spider-Man 3 divulges its use title. Meanwhile, in the indie comics life, the critically acclaimed Ice Cream Man scoops up a TV change and in the Jurassic World we’ve got news on a designation. Then, we’ll invest a clod of time in the giving region for Josh Brolin back on the farm, some additions to the Pennyworth crew and an American Horror Story reveal that might been letting you looking like this 😛 TAGEND

american horror story home alone

Then, as is tradition, we’ll send you on your style with all of this week’s trailers. Let’s get started!

Disney says bye-bye bye Bob Iger, hello Bob Chapek

In a surprising changeup, Disney discovered this week that CEO Bob Iger is ending his 15 year monarchy and being replaced with former theme parks boss Bob Chapek. If you haven’t already seen headlines here, I’d be outraged, but let’s get into some quick-witted details of the abrupt power shift.

Who is this guy? Good question! As referred to above, he was formerly the is chairman of parks and boasts 27 times at the Mouse, nearly doubled its own experience Iger had in his role before ducking out. At first he seemed like a dark horse, but kinfolks are quickly warming up to him. Given that coping Disney’s various theme parks symbolizes juggling its oligarchic collection of I.P ., employees say he’s already got the needed know for the company at large.

Why the transition? Truly, no one is certain. The news thumped media and followers alike off their hoofs. Iger is leaving as the company monopolizes box office revenue and prepares to do the same in the stream environment, and he’s taking two years to oversee creative functionings, so it seems he’s on good terms with the company. The LA Times reports that Iger is even going to continue growing the websites’ streaming reach as he hopes to” spend more period working with TV and movie studio execs changing Hulu and ESPN +.”

What’s next? Chapek, though an expert in just about every other category, seems to have a dirge when it comes to movies. Iger, meanwhile, has made a point to downplay the ramifications of his retirement, instead urging harmony as he wraps his time with Disney. So, it could be that Iger plans to show Chapek the recreation lines over these next few years as he becomes acclimated to his new role.

In other Disney-related questions…

What’s the deal with the Spider-Man 3 making name ?!?!

spider-man 3 working title

Completing its trilogy of Seinfeld relevant wielding entitlements, Spider-Man 3 is being internally referred to as Serenity Now. If you’re not familiar with the Seinfeld’s final season, the deed is a classic ejaculation from George Costanza which, as you might guess, is hired as a calming mantra.

Oddly, the Spidey franchise seems to have an affinity , is not simply for Seinfeld, but for George in particular. Homecoming’s working title was Sumer of George and Far from Home’s was Fall of George. Why? Well we could be realistic and say someone just really likes George, or we could have some fun and pretend to live in a macrocosm where Spidey saves George from constant peril. I’m going to go with the latter. Spider-Man 3, AKA, Serenity Now, picks up on Tom Holland’s Marvel accidents with his secret identity now disclosed. It’s expected to hit theaters on July 16, 2021.

Image Comics’ horror collection Ice Cream Man is heading to television with Quibi

ice cream man quibi
The sugary and malevolent Ice Cream Man is slithering over to stream thanks to shortform newcomer, Quibi. The Image comic is an anthology line written by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martin Morazzo, colours by Chris O’Halloran and characters by Good Old Neon that’s narrated by the titular dairy delivery dude. Of direction, he’s atypical for his professing, given that he retains the ability to shapeshift, spawn villains and, in general, effect outlandish amounts of mayhem for his customers.

Sneaky Pete’s Adam& Max Reid will write and EP, along with Good Fear Content’s Chris Bender and Jake Weiner and Alibi’s Jake Wagner. Quibi propels officially on April 6, at $4.99 or $7.99 a month, depending on your ad predilections, though a exhaust appointment for this show is TBA.

Jurassic World entitle disclosed with a cautioning from Chris Pratt

Day One #JurassicWorld UnQIUFwJ3t

— Colin Trevorrow (@ colintrevorrow) February 25, 2020

Jurassic World has its title, as revealed by Colin Trevorrow in a tweet earlier the coming week, teasing the portrait above. As you can see, Dominion ogles to be the subtitle for the franchise’s third entry. And, if you couldn’t piece together why it might be called that, Chris Pratt has you treated. He followed up with an Instagram post of the same image, but this time with the dictionary explanation of the word dominion, along with the advising “hold onto your butts.” Now, this could hint at the little-known butt-eating dinosaurs, although. Okay, sorry! Anyway, Jurassic World: Dominion ten-strikes theaters on June 11, 2021, starring Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard along with Jeff Goldblum reprising his capacity as Dr. Ian Malcom, Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler and Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant .

A molding cacophony as we check out what’s new with Josh Brolin, Pennyworth, the CW’s Kung Fu and American Horror Story

Thanos leaves “the farmers ” for the frontier in Amazon’s Outer Range

josh brolin outer range

The Thanos and Cable actor is making moves to Amazon in his most recent casting in Outer Range. Along with performing, Josh Brolin is also executive raising for the rancher drama, along with Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. The narrative follows Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott in his engage to protect his family and land- and deal with whatever lies at the wilderness’ edge.

Pennyworth includes a nickel’s worth to its cast


Pennyworth is procuring a few more representatives ahead of its second season premiere. Joining Jack Bannon as the soldier turned butler are immigrants James Purefoy, Edward Hogg and Jessye Romeo, while Roman Tikaram and Harriet Slater have moved up from returning roles to regulars. Pennyworth is DC origin story following a young Alfred Pennyworth as he begins his working relationship with Thomas Wayne in their nascent certificate busines. Season two is hopeful for a time 2020 return with 10 new episodes and, if you meant to watch season one, but didn’t, you can check out Hussein Wasiti’s recaps of the substantiate right here !

The CW’s Kung Fu reboot discovers its star

Olivia Liang( Legacy) is set to lead the CW’s Kung Fu pilot; a reboot of the 1970 s depict following a shaolin monk( David Carradine) in his roams through the wild west. Like many of its CW siblings, the show is under the Berlanti Creation umbrella, with Christina M. Kim, Martin Gero, Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros. TV along for the ride as well. In this new take, Kim writes Liang’s character as a young Chinese-American woman ready to utter some drastic deepens. She heads off to her hometown in China, only to find it overrun with crime and falsification. Of route, it’s up to her to stop it all- and find her mentor’s murderer along the way.

The American Horror Story give is home alone

View this berth on Instagram


A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@ mrrpmurphy) on Feb 26, 2020 at 7:50 am PST

FX’s beloved anthology successions, American Horror Story, announced the assign of its upcoming season the coming week, including Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin in his first ever outing as a series regular, and returning virtuosoes Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. AHS, soon to be airing season 10, is already rekindled through season 13 and is FX’s most watched original serial. For the official announcement, check out showrunner and co-creator Ryan Murphy’s scary Insta pole above.

Two trailers for the girls, and one about a kid who’s all been growing

Netflix’s The Letter for the King is an adaptation of the eponymous( though Dutch) fiction De brief voor de Koningzi by Tonke Dragt. The streamer is taking the novel’s premise and serializing it into six chapters aimed at a younger gang. Amir Wilson( His Dark Fabric) whizs Tiuri, the adolescent cavalier hopeful who hears himself responsible for delivering the titular postage uncovering disloyalty in the country. Ergo, it’s up to him and his buddies to get to the castle and save the world. The Letter for the King stumbles Netflix on March 20.

Paramount is gearing up for Rumble; a villain showdown movie starring Will Arnett, Terry Crews and Geraldine Viswanathan. In a world where villains travel thought to manager in wild wrestling matches, the young human Winne( Viswanathan) had wished to qualify her friend Steve( Arnett ), an orange loser, to beat the rule champ, Tentacular( Crews ).

I’ve saved the very best for last now, honestly. Candyman is back, thanks to superintendent Nia DaCosta( Little Woods) and Jordan Peele’s Monkey Paw Make. We’ve came Yahya Abdul-Mateen II( Watchmen) in the starring role as Anthony McCoy, the now grown-up baby who was kidnapped in the original movie. Now, he’s trying to make it as an master and researcher, who can’t put away his preoccupation with the Candyman. Get your own sweet treat when Candyman hits theaters on June 20, 2020.

That’s a package for this week; I’ve gotta dive back into all things C2E 2 2020, but we’ll catch you back here next time!

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