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Tingles Therapy Session – Sleep Clinic Doctors Visit – Slime Time!

Tweet Dr. Slumberland& Kristen Give you Tingles Therapy Session with Slime Time. 500+ Exclusive Videos For Patreon Booster: http :// psychetruth Free Trial Wellness Plus- Exclusive ASMR Content: https :// browse Exclusive Content( not YouTube Friendly ): http :// Listen To Me On Spotify: https :// master/ 3yJngn0PgnZyJ4pWVXXM4h #ASMRPsychetruth #ASMRRolePlay @ASMRDoctor […]

ASMR Bath Bombs Extravaganza! Lush Binaural Fizzy & Water Sounds

Tweet ASMR Sounds w/ dozens of bath bombs! ♥ Patreon Us For 500+ Exclusive Videos @ Follow our Social Media Related Videos: ASMR Water Sounds & Soap Suds! Soft Spoken, Binaural Lotion Sounds & Scratching for Relaxation ASMR Sensitivity Test! Sleep Clinic Doctor Exam 3 Role Play, […]


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