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Studio Coffee Run 3/6/20: Coronavirus isn’t stopping SXSW and Taika Waititi preps for a CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY reboot

Welcome back, Studio Coffee Folks! As I’m sure you could tell the coming week in amusement is facing coronavirus trouble. What that intends here, is we’ll chit-chat about how SXSW, Cannes and CAA are handling the outbreak towards the meat of this week’s row. But, before we get serious, we’ll talk about Taika Waititi taking […]

Recap: THE FLASH S6E11 – “Love is a Battlefield”

Previously on The Flash, Team Flash adjusted to a post-Crisis on Infinite Earths nature! While Barry Allen( Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen( Candace Patton) both learned to stop living in crisis mode, Cisco Ramon( Carlos Valdes) decided to set off out into the world to chronicle the changes to the timeline as a result of […]

Recap: ARROW S8E9 – “Green Arrow & The Canaries”

Previously in the Arrowverse: the Crisis on Infinite Earths! Worlds lived, lives died, and nothing was the same. In the aftermath of the occurrence, Oliver Queen( Stephen Amell) is dead, and Earth-Prime was born–a new world with a brand-new record, same to the world that was but with as-yet-unknown modifications. What impact will these cosmic […]


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