The Fastest (and Cheapest) Way to Beat Your Competition

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Email Force

Email Force is built on the same ROBUST platform as the Converzly Copy Engine. It’s super simple to use because it uses the same automation technology. It’ll quickly and effortlessly create you profitable emails for ANY product you’re promoting, in any ni

If you want to outrank your competitor, what do you do?

First off, you need to keep track of everything they are doing. From their positions to the content they are writing to even the links they are building and the keywords they are targeting, understanding what they are up to is key.

And after you figure out their strategy, you need to write more content, structure more relations, and optimize your place. Or you can hire an SEO agency, but the majority of members of us can’t afford that.

There must be a better road, right?

Well, over the next 60 daylights, I am going to make life easier for you with a major upgrade to Ubersuggest.

Here’s what I am thinking of doing and it will make it easier for you to outrank your competition.

Competitor analysis

First off, I’ve learned that countless parties don’t know who their tournament really is when it comes to SEO.

Because of that, I’m going to create a competitor analysis report that goes to show your competition.

Here’s a rough sketch of what that they are able to definitely sounds like 😛 TAGEND

You’ll be able to see who your opponents are based on common keywords you both rank for.

You’ll also be able to see how your rankings compare to theirs over meter as well as their SEO traffic, backlinks, land scores, and, best of all, keyword opportunities( or keyword divergence ).

What the keyword opportunities will break down is all of the keywords your rival grades for that you don’t.

This way, you’ll be able to dive in and read everyone one of the keywords they are targeting and the ones you aren’t( but should be ).

Again, the key to the report above( although the design needs to be tweaked) is that it will show you all of the keywords your event grades for that you aren’t targeting or ranking for … yet. The ones at the top will be the most lucrative keywords and the ones at the bottom will be the least lucrative.

Competitor rank tracking

On top of appearance you new keyword openings without you having to do any exertion or searching, we are also going to start tracking your entrants’ rankings for you.

So, in your grade tracking dashboard, you’ll see your rankings as well as your adversaries’ rankings.

Currently, we demonstrate you if your ranks are going up or down each day( if you aren’t tracking this, go and set up research projects ).

We’ll be revising that report to likewise show your competitors’ positions … we are always working on the design.

That way if things are going bad for you, you can see if you were the only one who got affected or if your contender did as well.

But there is more

I know 60 daylights is a long time to wait, but I am also exhausting something in the coming week to also constitute your life easier when it comes to competitor analysis.

I will be releasing version 2.0 of the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension. If you haven’t already installed it, go here and do that are currently. It’s free!

Currently , you get data whenever you do a rummage. But it doesn’t add enough data, especially on your challenger, so I’m about to go and fix that.

First off, you’ll get data on traffic. Not merely on your website but your rivalry as well.

So, whenever you perform a inquiry, you will speedily be able to see how much SEO traffic any uttered discipline gets.

And if you want more details, on the right-hand side of the Google search results you will see a graph containing an overview of how your tournament stacks up against you.

You’ll too have a similar outline with backlink data.

And of course, I’m not stopping there.

The most popular e-commerce site on the web is Amazon. So, wouldn’t it be great to get data related to keywords on Amazon?

Anytime you perform a examine on Amazon, you’ll examine data related to all of the proposed keywords that they are providing you.

And then when you pate to the second most popular search engine, YouTube, I’ll give you keyword data and tournament data.

For example, whenever you search for a keyword, you’ll determine data on all of the suggestions.

And if you sounds the “view all” button, you’ll learn historic data on that keyword as well.

On a YouTube search listings page, you’ll start to get recommendations on other keywords that you are able to targeting with your YouTube SEO.

And if you click on a video( even a competitor’s video !) you’ll start to see more data on their execution as well as keywords that they are targeting.

So, if you haven’t once, make sure you go and install the Chrome extension before the liberation next week.


I hope you are looking forward to the brand-new release to Ubersuggest in the upcoming months.

I am really excited about the competitive analysis peculiarities within the application because it should make it a lot easier to see which keywords your event ranks for that you don’t.

On top of that, the propagation is making a lot of progress. My goal is to release a new edition of the expansion each month with new facets that they are able to obligate SEO easier and more convenient for you.

So, what do you think of the changes?

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