The Future of Ubersuggest

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Robert F
February 19, 2020

The Future of Ubersuggest

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* Please read the whole post, I have some good bulletin at the bottom, but it won’t make sense unless “youre reading” the whole post.

Do you know why I got into SEO?

Not numerous people know this, but I grew up in middle-class America, and I missed a better life for me and my parents.

When I was 16 years old, I worked at a theme park called Knotts Berry Farm where I picked up trash, cleaned restrooms, and wiped up puking every single day.

I didn’t mind it because that’s life and I needed the money.

At 16, I realise I was too young to get a high paying job, so I did the next best thing … I started a business.

But making $5.75 an hour picking up trash wasn’t enough to market my business, though. The only solution that I could think of was SEO because if you put in the time and effort you can get the traffic for free.

It’s too the main causes I fell in love with it … it gives the little guy a chance to compete with the large-hearted guys.

And over the years I wanted to pay it forward and help out all of the financiers and small companies so they can do the same … supplanted without having to spend a lot of money.

So, what did I do?

Well over the years, I’ve grew one tonne of free content, videos, and guides that cure industrialists and purveyors of all sizes succeed.

And in February 2017, I decided to take it to the next elevation by acquiring Ubersuggest for $120,000.

When I first bought it, I had the dream of creating an SEO tool that could compete with the large-scale musicians that billed $100+ a few months, but of course, offering it for free.

The developers that I had at that time estimated that I could do this for $ 30,000 to $45,000 a month. That was perfect as I had no issue losing that much money each month.

But as we got rolling and kept contributing in more boasts, our expenses persistently climbed. Time look at what I spent in the last month…

I spent $89,930 on hosting so far in January with an estimated spend of $128,680 for February. But again, let’s stick with January…

My back-end development bill from Tryolabs was $47,885 for January.

My data feed from SEO Power Suite, Data For SEO, and Shared Count totaled $75,253 for January.

And of course, my front-end makes as well as my dev-ops team Netlabs , which feed me $22,700.

Then if you add on miscellaneous rates, such as support, scheme, and project management, I was out another $11,450.

All in all, I spent $247,218 during the month of January 2020.

Keep in sentiment that my rates are incessantly rising. As the tool gets most popular, it costs me more.

One of the big-hearted reasons for the server outlays is scrapers.

Believe it or not, a good deal of business are rubbing our data and continually rotating up IPs and creating fake notes, which additions our server expenses. Specially when you consider that they are researching vague SEO calls or orbits that aren’t cached in our system.

Don’t feel bad for me

Now the purpose of this announce wasn’t to build you feel bad or guilty( unless you are scraping me ). I just wanted to be transparent about my situation.

Originally, I was hoping that I could alter a portion of the Ubersuggest customer base into agency clients but as we continually move upstream and work with bigger labels, the conversion pace from an Ubersuggest visitor to a paying consulting patron has been low.

As that didn’t work out the lane I missed, which I learned around 11 months ago, it became harder and harder for me to eat the costs as they continually flourished and I didn’t have a way to pay for them other than to dip into my own savings.

So, I started searching for solutions, such as turning Ubersuggest into a non-profit and raise money from foundations is to support the cost. I tried that for 5 months and I didn’t gain much traction.

I also tried to see if I could get patrons for the tool who would help cover the costs, but that didn’t work out well either. Instead, many of them offered to buy the company for millions of dollars( some in the 8 representations) but I didn’t want to sell it as I knew their destination would be to turn it into another $100 -a-month tool, which didn’t sit well with me.

After running out of options, I had no choice but to obligate some changes to Ubersuggest( don’t worry “its not” closing down ). But you can guess what the changes are.

But don’t worry …

First and foremost, my goal is still to give as much apart free of charge as I can. Within Ubersuggest, you will still be able to do a good deal for free…

Creating projects

You will always be able to create projects and racetrack your higher-rankings. And just like before you always have been limited on the number of keywords you can track and that, of course, is due to costs.

Keyword study

Within the app, you will still be able to see keyword research data.

You’ll see a show with the latest few months’ traffic magnitude, data on mobile versus desktop research loudnes, demographic data, and even keyword recommendations.

And you can, of course, continually find brand-new keywords to target.

Sure, some of the data is blocked, but did you know that only 14.3% of people used to register for a free account to unlock that data.

In other paroles, most of you never even registered because the application shows you enough free of charge without shall be required to log in.

Content theories

Similar to before, you are able to realise favourite blog affix suggestions for any given keyword.

You’ll too be able to see the top keywords a blog announce grade for and the backlinks drawn attention to that URL.

Again, keep in mind the majority of you only look back the top 10 ensues as 14.3% of you cross-file for a free account to unlock more data.

Traffic Analyzer

You will still be able to look up any discipline and get stats on it.

Historical data is blocked, but you can see the last few months which is enough for most of you.

You’ll also be able to see the top sheets for any domain and the keywords that sheet grades for as well as backlinks.

The same repairs for the keywords any domain ranks for.

Some of the data is blocked, but just like before simply 14.3% of you cross-file to view that data. Which symbolizes 85.7% of you are happy with the free data.

SEO Analyzer

Not much has changed here, you can still analyze over 100 pages on your place and figure out which errors you have.

Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know the average site that goes through Ubersuggest only has 48 sheets?

The median number of sheets a site has in our organisation was similar at 43 pages.

And of course, there is the backlinks report, which are currently being shows brand-new and lost ties-in as well as historical tie growth.

Similar to what I mentioned above, very few people genuinely cared to see the blocked off information as only 14.3% of you registered.

My dream

My goal in life is to help people generate more traffic. And I believe Ubersuggest can get better the outcome and give you a fighting chance.

I too want to continually conclude appropriate tools better. For illustration, why can’t SEO be automated? If you can have self-driving autoes, there is no reason why you can’t automate SEO through neural networks and machine learning.

But with the increase in overheads, I was left with 2 alternatives … either closed appropriate tools down( which isn’t an option for me) or figure out a action to cover my expenses.

In the long haul, I can’t hinder sustaining the loss of $ 247,218 a month forever, especially when that number is clambering( that’s roughly 3 million dollars per year ).

My team and I was put forward with an interesting concept that we think is fair and hopefully, you won’t be upset about it.

Remember how I saying : 14.3% of beings register to contemplate more data but 85.7% never register as they were happy with the free data?

Well , good-for-nothing will change for 85.7% of you.

As for the 14.3% who registry to create projects and move keywords, you are able to do that for free. But if you want to add more programmes or racetrack a lot more keywords, you can upgrade to a pay plan.

The same seeks for keyword study. If you want to view even more data, you can pay for the blocked data. Or if you want to analyze thousands of sheets on your place through the site scrutiny, you can also upgrade.

Don’t worry though, I am still following my original mission.

I promise to always maintain Ubersuggest affordable( and mainly free ). I making a decision make the Netflix/ Amazon approaching and try to meet the cost super inexpensive( as my objective is to only break-even ).

On top of that, I constituted it a 7-day free trial.

You’ll too find that the pricing varies per country as my penalties vary per country. In parts like India and Brazil when someone cross-files, starts a project and moves keywords, my expenses are substantially lower than if someone from the United Regime cross-files and initiates jobs and racetracks keywords.

The same moves for strive. My support team in India and other regions overheads substantially less than the team in the United District or the United Kingdom.

If you also pay yearly, you’ll get 2 months free so you can save even more money.

And as I noted above, I want to stick to the original goal, which is to help people generate more traffic without having to spend a lot of money.

There will always be a very generous free design and I am hoping that I can break even by accuse for a portion of the application.

What’s next?

Ubersuggest is going to continually get better.

To make things up to you, in the course of the coming month or two I was just going to secrete a Chrome extension that will give you tons of insights free of charge. And of course, if you want a little bit more you can pay.

Here’s what the free postponement will look like…

Whenever you accomplish a Google investigation you will be able to see the volume for any pursuing call in any major country. And if you click the “view all” relate you will see more data on that keyword.

You’ll too determine the average domain score for any given ranking sheet and the number of relation you need to rank in the top 10.

As you scroll down and go through each of the ranking results, you’ll see the domain score for each URL, social shares, and the backlinks pointing to that search result.

You can even teach down and visualize the top connections pointing to each URL.

Now if you ability over to the sidebar, you’ll realize a register of related keywords as well as data on the top 10 keyword recommendations.

If you scroll a bit more, you’ll examine a diagram that shows how many backlinks each arise has so that route you can see how many backlinks again you approximately need to rank in the top 10.

At the most posterior of the search results, you’ll view data related to related keywords.

As time goes on not only will you have the propagation, but I will constantly add more and more pieces for free.


I’m sorry that I have to start comprising my rates, but I hope you understand at the same time.

From my juttings, it will take me roughly 6 months to break even, so I am going to be out a good amount of money over the next 6 months … but that’s life.

I am not looking to recuperate my original investment and I don’t knowledge that being a loss, but once I break even on a monthly basis I will continue to either open up more material free of charge or consider lower their monthly pricing if possible.

Again, I am really sorry, but I hope you understand that it isn’t sustainable for me to spend $247,218 a month indefinitely.

I am open to hearing your thoughts or projects. I too want to let you know I admire everything you have done to support Ubersuggest and my site.

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Robert F
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