Top 10 Unschooling Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

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Top 10 Unschooling Podcasts

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Unschooling Podcasts

Exploring Unschooling Stories Of An Unschooling Family Fare Of The Free Child The Unschool Files Use Your Outside Voice Unschool Unschooling With Kai

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Unschooling Podcasts

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1. Exploring Unschooling

Exploring Unschooling About Podcast My name’s Pam Laricchia and my family’s been unschooling since 2002. I desire sharing what I’ve learned about unschooling over the years. This podcast embraces interrogations, knowledge, and inspiration about unschooling and living joyfully with your family. Frequency 1 chapter/ week Since Jan 2016 Podcast blog Facebook supporters 6.1 K [?] Instagram Followers 1.7 K [?] Social Engagement 71 i [?] Domain Authority 38 i [?] Alexa Rank 4.8 Mi

2. Stories Of An Unschooling Family

Stories Of An Unschooling Family About Podcast Want to know more about unschooling? How about progressive unschooling?( It’s not as spooky or as wild as some people do it !) I’m Sue Elvis, participate me as I share ideas, stories, homeschool record-keeping tip-off, and resources for living an unschooling life of unconditional compassion. Frequency 1 bout/ month Since Aug 2014 Podcast storiesofanunschoolingfamily .. Domain Authority 25 i [?] Alexa Rank 8.8 Mi

3. Fare Of The Free Child

Fare Of The Free Child About Podcast Fare of the Free Child is a weekly-published podcast community centering Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color in liberatory living and learning rehearsals. With a particular interest in unschooling and the Self-Directed Education flow, Akilah S. Richards and guests discuss the dreads and the charges( payments) of growing free black and brown children in a world that tends to diminish, dehumanize, and disappear them. Frequency 4 escapades/ month Since Jul 2016 Podcast podcast Twitter partisans 4K [?] Instagram Followers 5.5 K [?] Domain Authority 32 i [?] Alexa Rank 9.7 Mi

4. The Unschool Files

The Unschool Files About Podcast In this podcast, you will hear from real-life unschoolers on a range of topics on self-directed learning and living without school. This podcast is no ‘how-to’ with professionals but preferably some of the nuanced and intersectional knows in the unschooling community. Frequency 5 episodes/ one-quarter Since Oct 2019 Podcast theunschoolfiles Instagram Followers 309 [?] Social Engagement 7i [?] Domain Authority 77 i [?] Alexa Rank 3.5 Ki

5. Use Your Outside Voice Unschool

Use Your Outside Voice Unschool About Podcast We are three mamas, unschoolers, regular parties,& revolutionaries in the many big times. We are gathering together strands from our diverse knowledge to broaden conversations around living authentically with children and rejecting the school model of relationship. Use Your Outside Voice! Unschooling Podcast is us coming together at our collective forward edge, bringing forward what we are witnessing and developing as we are in it. Frequency 1 episode/ month Since Oct 2019 Podcast use-your-outside-v .. Domain Authority 77 i [?] Alexa Rank 3.6 Ki

6. Unschooling With Kai

Unschooling With Kai About Podcast Hi! I’m Dan Moeller. My son and I started a podcast presenting a lot of the information he has researched and learned on topics of his interests following unschooling principles. Each incident is a different interest of Kai’s that we meticulously accomplished a KWL chart on, and then consumed the library, along with YouTube and Google to research our the issues and to fortify our previously ‘known’ areas of knowledge. We hope you experience our occurrences! Frequency 2 chapters/ one-fourth Since Oct 2019 Podcast p .. Social Engagement 18 i [?] Domain Authority 3i [?]

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