Top 7 Digital Marketing Solutions to Deliver a Hyper-Personalized Customer Experience

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Would you like to have a personal stylist who helps you select clothes based on your closet, fund, and vogue?

That is also online.

Moreover, the label ships hand-picked robes to your doorsteps, let’s you remain whatever it is you want, and send the residual back.


Now give your imagination a flout and think of the last time you offered a same personalized experience to your customers.

We all know that a personalized experience raises client patriotism and fetches a big smile to customers’ faces. It keeps them attached to your brand even though your opponents spare no effort in catching their attention.

So when I schemed my research on digital sell, I knew that personalization is the topic I need to cover.

Not merely basic personalization like including the first name of expectations in email, but something more like hyper-personalization.

What is Hyper-Personalization?

Hyper-Personalization is the use of data to offer most personalized makes, works, and content to targeted clients. For pattern, deliver patrons their favorite coffee in the morning, at the agency, to help them kick start their day.

In his journal” The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell predicted that hyper-personalization is increasingly becoming the part of marketing in 2020 and turn into a requirement for businesses to keep the pace with evolving consumer trends.

We are already here.

You have all sorts of patrons’ data to personalize your marketing.

But how do you implant hyper-personalized experience in your symbol?

I detected answers to your questions in seven hyper-personalization tricks that successful brands are using to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

Here the issue is 😛 TAGEND 1. Talk with Users on Their Favorite Subject with Hyper-Personalized Chatbots

Who’s your favorite historical personality?

Let’s say it’s Albert Einstein. And you have expended a good part of your life researching on him.

Imagine if you could talk to him and know more about him personally.

Just ask Albert Einstein about his personal and professional life and get your answers as if you are talking with a friend.

Would you like that?

National Geographic invested Messenger bots on its Facebook page where users can start a communication with their favorite fleshes like Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso.

National Geographic’s new TV register referred Genius records a series of events, points, and other data of favourite temperaments and turns them into Messenger bots. These bots follow the users’ communication, inform them about the evidence, and discuss relevant topics.

How to Copy this Strategy?

Your consumers must be fond of something. Something that is dear to their heart. No matter what it is- something as big as Einstein or as small-minded as market or productivity tips. You is generated by chatbots that answer to their questions in such a way as if useds are talking with a person, sharing their problems, and getting mixtures. In-between, you can slip your concoctions as a part of the solution.

2. Bring Customers Back with Hyper-Personalized Mobile App Marketing

Starbucks followers are not just crazy for the chocolates but also for the brand’s personalized loyalty curriculum app. Starbucks has designed its app in a way that each user feels like this app is stimulated for them.

For example, if you regularly eat Turkey Pesto Panini at Starbucks, the app wages you with points if you eat it again- a hyper-personalized, compelling tactic to deliver patrons back.

By analyzing data like past buys, elevated consumers’ tastes, and activities, Starbucks recommends produces personalized for each customer.

How to Copy this Strategy?

If mobile app marketing is a part of your business, you have a great gap to deliver hyper-personalized client experience.

Collect data points of your customers and use them to recommend products that you know your purchasers are mad for. Use reward platforms or freebies or rebates to firm their acquire decision.

3. Become Addictive to Your Customers with Hyper-Personalized Push Notifications

Netflix anyone?

Feeling the insist to check it out now and view what the app has in store for you?

Yes, only for you.

Netflix’s hyper-personalization marketing starts with its home page. As soon as you land there, it will recommend products that you are highly interested in. Once the brand rallies your data, it’s push notifications will never allow you to forget Netflix. And those thrust notifications won’t be forceful. In fact, you would love to receive them and ask for more.

Here’s the tweet from one of the Netflix’s fans commenting on the brand’s push notifications programme 😛 TAGEND

Netflix allows users to rate the content with likes/ antagonisms. The firebrand mixes this data with the content’s stream count and individual consumer profiles to predict useds’ favorite content. At last-place, Netflix utilizes this data to recommend hyper-personalized content in the form of move notifications. The recommendations are so relevant that users feel as if Netflix knows them very well.

How to Copy this Strategy?

Give useds an option to like and dislike your content/ commodity/ assistances via an app or website. Combine this data with users’ past history and send them hyper-personalized push notifications to procreate them addictive to your brand.

4. Grant Users’ Wishes with Hyper-Personalized Emails

If you are a consistent Amazon shopper, you must have realise, at some quality, that Amazon is watching you each moment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be receiving those Amazon emails with treats on the exact makes you looked for recently.

For example, recently, I obtained a work named “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown from Amazon. I know it’s too late, but I eventually read it.

Anyways, after three days, I received an email from Amazon with a roster of more works in the same series from Amazon.

Amazon has complete access to users’ data like their epithet, investigation queries, median time spent on searching, past examination and buy records, day of obtains, the average amount invested, etc. Using this data, Amazon composes each user profile to craft a highly personalized email spotlight products that you recently researched for( or might have bought something from the same brand)

How to Copy this Strategy?

You need four customers’ data points to design hyper-personalized emails 😛 TAGEND

Customers previous buy history Left browsing cart items Customers returned back from the pricing sheet Rated and liked commodities

Using the details above, you can send emails of highly relevant concoctions wrap in undeniable copes and discounts.

5. Upgrade Your Users’ Knowledge with Hyper-Personalized Content

You don’t need to go anywhere to check out how this works.

Open Google on your smartphone, and you will get the answer.

Yes, I am talking about Discover, which I have grown addicted to.

As soon as I land on Google, a topic catches my attention, and I dive deeper to explore more. Forgetting about my own research. Google’s Discover is no less than a social media site for me. I can’t stop myself from scrolling through its content.

Let’s just say I am a big fan of Disney and Google Discover knows it well to deliver updates for the same.

As you know, Google knows everything about your searches. Discover use this data to predict your interested areas and level of expertise on particular subject. It helps you develop those interests by handing relevant material. For example, if you are planning your next jaunt, Discover offers you an section on the best arranges to visit. At the same time, Discover saves 3 month age-old clause for your next trip to upgrade your knowledge.

How to Copy this Strategy?

Deliver your useds’ favorite material via your app, email, or push notifications. Keep track of what they have searched recently relevant to your business and deliver the same or ameliorated, engaging content as soon as possible. It reaches them feel like you care for them.

6. Build Your Brand’s Community with Hyper-Personalized User Generated Content

Ever made a shot on iPhone and became a part of # ShotOnIphone campaign?

Those who do are feeling like a part of the community and are happy to click shots from their iPhone. In exchange, Apple is getting good showing in terms of branding and marketing.

Image source: Apple

Apple is running this #ShotOnIphone campaign since times. It causes consumers to click shots from iPhone and share their best instants. This safarus is one of the many reasons why Apple never runs out of trend.

How to Copy this Strategy?

Build a campaign where users can share something with the world countries. Stories, pics, videos, or anything. Share their stories in your curve to move them feel like a part of the community. As you stretch, your useds will be willing to share more.

7. Make Users Invest in Your Brand with Hyper-Personalized Features

One way to keep users attached to you is to clear them invest in your make or services.

Spotify is not only a music stream app. It heartens customers to create their own playlists and make their way to building an part music library on their history. Over the months, consumers generally end-up creating hundreds of playlists with tons of lines that they can’t imagine ditching for any other music app. They have invested ample of time into Spotify and now are locked into paying a premium- happily though- to take care of their playlists.

Image Source: VentureHarbour

Spotify’s playlist is designed to keep users involved and devour their favorite music without putting much effort.

How to Copy this Strategy?

Allow users to build something their own within your app. Say something like the register of articles or even better snippets they liked “the worlds largest”. Let them store it like a gem and give them easy access to open it any time.

Time To Go Hyper-Personalized

By using the examples and policies above, you can bring prospects together in meaningful courses, without forcing them. Not merely this, you can go further in keeping them appended with your firebrand as long as you desire. Transactions of all types are gaining a lot from hyper-personalization marketing. They are successfully building long-term relationships with customers and paving their highway to grow the list.

Now it’s your turn.

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