Worst birthday ever! Fans react to THE DEATH OF NANCY DREW

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Happy birthday, Nancy Drew! You’re 90! And now you’re dead. Oops!

In Dynamite’s brand-new serial Nancy Drew& The Hardy Boys: The Death Of Nancy Drew# 1, the teen snoop has significantly kicked the bucket, and her crime-solving buddies The Hardy Boys are trying to solve her slaying. Not much of a occasion for a reference who has been an icon for women everywhere for 90 years, right?

Writer Anthony Del Col( Luke Cage: Everyman, Kill Shakespeare) and artist Joe Eisma( Riverdale, Morning Honour) cause the series, with colorist Salvatore Aiala and letterer Crank !. The noir narrative starts with The Hardy Boys at her tomb before the twisty, turny plot develops, extending the team down a move to one of their greatest riddles to date. Harmonizing to Del Col, a self-proclaimed Nancy fan, the fib should be in accordance with his previous Ringo Award-nominated Nancy Drew& The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie, which likewise pushed the border of what is expected in a Nancy Drew story.

Reactions to the plot stimulated an immediate stir. Many alleged the imaginative team and publisher of being tone deaf. The tale seems to “fridge” the titular character, symbolizing the girl gets shoved in the area so her large-scale strong male copies can save her. But Del Col and creator Eisma are encouraging followers to read it before getting too upset.

Del Col told the NY Times, “What we tried to do is create one of the eventual mysteries of Nancy Drew. How did she die? Who killed Nancy Drew? ” He added that the succession is “more than encounters the eye.”

Eisma explained to CNN, “” I personally am not a fan of fridging as a patch machine, and I wouldn’t have agreed to draw a book that had that as a plot point. I really hope kinfolks will give us a chance to tell our story .”

To put your mind at ease, there’s a really good chance Nancy is alive and well, and currently being the smart-alecky, imaginative detective we expect. In fact, it “d be nice” if she’s in charge this whole time. Was the narration poor timing since it’s the character’s anniversary or was this incredibly clever marketing? Maybe a little of both, but I will personally earmark any judgments of the story until I read it.

Nancy Drew& The Hardy Boys: The Death Of Nancy Drew# 1 will be available for preorder in February. Ask your local comic shop to succession your print. The issue is set to release in April. For digital, principal over to Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Death of Nancy Drew

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